Rory McIlroy Explains Why He Wants to Return to the PGA Tour Policy Board

McIlroy is aware of his influence in the world of golf and what his name represents

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy Explains Why He Wants to Return to the PGA Tour Policy Board
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The news of Rory McIlroy's return to the PGA Tour Policy Board has sparked great excitement among many. Although he decided to resign from the same position five months ago, the Northern Irishman now intends to return. Five months ago, McIlroy highlighted his desire to focus more on golf and progress as the main reasons for wanting to resign, as the conflict between LIV and the PGA Tour took up much of his time. The vote will decide whether McIlroy will return to his old position. Ahead of the Zurich Classic, Rory decided to reveal why he intends to return to the Policy Board.

“I think I can be helpful. I don't think there's been much progress made in the last eight months, and I was hopeful that there would be. I think I could be helpful to the process. But only if people want me involved, I guess."- Rory McIlroy said, as quoted by Scotsman!

McIlroy had the opportunity to talk to Webb Simpson, who is a board member.

During a conversation with Webb Simpson, they discussed the possibility of Simpson stepping down from the board. In response, McIlroy expressed his willingness to take Simpson's seat if that's what others wanted. McIlroy believes he has valuable experience and connections within the golfing community. However, the decision to rejoin the board is not only up to him; there is a process that needs to be followed. Nevertheless, McIlroy is willing to do so if that is the desire of the people.

Webb Simpson
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McIlroy is aware of his influence in the world of golf and what his name represents. The PGA Tour intends to have only the best on the board, recognizing that with names like Woods and McIlroy, the PGA Tour has a huge opportunity to thrive and make the best decision for itself. For now, the main focus is on the PGA Tour-PIF deal, but there is still no agreement. Both sides are trying to make a compromise and reach a solution.

Although the initial date was December 31, the negotiations have been extended. At this point, it is difficult to determine how close they are to an agreement. PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan stated that an agreement will likely be reached, but for now, patience is key.

Rory McIlroy emphasized that unity is the best option for all parties involved. In this way, both the PGA Tour and LIV Golf would benefit. At the moment, the divisions that prevail do not promise the best for the world of golf, including these two Tours. Rory McIlroy has softened his rigid stance towards LIV Golf, realizing that the Tour will not disappear, and negotiation with them is necessary. The 34-year-old golfer hopes that the final agreement will finally become a reality.

McIlroy has expressed his readiness to find a compromise and mend things with his colleagues with whom he was upset about joining LIV Golf. Rory emphasized that individuals who are on LIV Golf should have the right to return to the PGA Tour without any consequences. This is a significant change in stance compared to McIlroy's initial position.

Rory McIlroy on unification

McIlroy emphasized the importance of articulating points effectively and helping others recognize the benefits of unification for the game, particularly for this tour. He acknowledged that the game is currently not unified for specific reasons and there are still remaining hard feelings that need to be addressed. However, he believes that, for the sake of the game, it's essential for everyone to set those feelings aside and move forward together.

This is the only way to move forward. If golfers continue to criticize each other for their actions or statements, it is difficult to expect that golf will move in the right direction and that unification will become a reality. McIlroy's stance shows that his priority is the progress of golf, and only then the progress of the Tour. His intentions are also to play with the best golfers, aware that there are many quality players on the other side.

The 34-year-old golfer emphasized that golfers should primarily focus on golf, not on business. His intention is for golfers to focus on what is more important: playing tournaments and achieving success. McIlroy stresses that when it comes to the business aspect of the game, there are individuals designated for that. 

He expects that such individuals will be key figures in the negotiations between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. Golf fans worldwide are pleased with these fantastic stances by Rory. Hopefully, Rory's potential appointment to the PGA Tour Policy Board will be an indication of something new. He and Woods are individuals who can change many things and, with their reputation, help finally finalize the agreement between PIF and the PGA Tour.

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