Greg Norman Opens Up: Masters Visit Filled with Trepidation

“I went there specifically to support the boys. I wanted them to know that I was there for that reason."

by Sead Dedovic
Greg Norman Opens Up: Masters Visit Filled with Trepidation
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Greg Norman's arrival at the Masters has sparked a large number of reactions. The CEO of LIV Golf decided to attend the Masters and follow the 13 LIV Golfers who competed at Augusta National. Norman isn't exactly a beloved figure in the golf world after everything that has happened.

It's interesting that Norman had to buy a ticket just like regular spectators. The Australian spoke to the media about his impressions after another Masters. Greg felt great throughout the whole tournament, intending to support the LIV Golf guys. Norman had the chance to experience the Masters in a different way and all its charms. It seems this was a great experience for him.

“It was phenomenal, to be honest with you,” -Norman said, as quoted by Irish Golfer!

“I went there specifically to support the boys. I wanted them to know that I was there for that reason, so I tried to get around to shake hands with each and every one of them to wish them the best.

To walk with the patrons, I’ve never done that before in my life anywhere in the world. I think I walked one playoff here in Australia when a friend of mine was in the Australian Masters. I walked with his family on the playoff hole."

Greg Norman described this as an incredible experience. The large number of fans, support, and comments he heard were some of the reasons why he enjoyed the three days he spent at the Masters. He admitted that there were many people around him with whom he had the opportunity to talk and who supported him. 

He is particularly happy about the comments from individuals regarding LIV Golf, emphasizing that LIV Golf is gaining more and more support every day. Norman admitted that he arrived somewhat worried on Wednesday, unsure of what to expect and what kind of reception he would receive. 

Despite his great experiences with this Major in the past, this time he found himself in a different role. Yet, after just an hour, Norman realized that the situation wasn't worrisome, so he relaxed and enjoyed every subsequent moment.

Regarding the potential future of golf, Greg Norman remained reserved about any possible merger. He explained that LIV operates independently from those negotiations, being a standalone company backed by investors with a vested interest in golf. 

Greg Norman
Greg Norman© Asanka Ratnayake/Getty Images Sport

Norman personally stated his lack of involvement or knowledge about the developments in that area, expressing a focus on LIV's growth, development, and future plans. He emphasized their responsibility to their people, players, and strategic direction, stating that he doesn't have an answer regarding the potential merger.

Norman believes that there are the right people in charge who will solve the problems in the coming period. The merger is an inevitable topic in the world of golf that arises more and more each day. Norman is one of the few who is neutral and doesn't have a specific opinion when it comes to the merger between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. There's a good chance that Norman harbors some aversion towards the PGA Tour and their fans, considering the criticism he has received from the inception of LIV Golf.

Greg Norman's son social media post

Greg Norman could have expected such an outcome, given all the factors at play. The CEO of LIV Golf hopes that LIV Golf can progress and become an even more respectable product in the future. That's the primary goal Greg Norman has focused on.

Greg Norman's son confirmed via social media what Greg was saying. Norman received a great reception from fans at the Masters. He emphasized that not a single negative word was directed towards this former golfer who caused quite a stir with his presence at Augusta National. Although acknowledging they've faced a lot of hate over the years, it seems that some people are changing their views when it comes to LIV Golf and Greg Norman.

'It was an amazing experience; hundreds of golf fans approached him walking outside the ropes. All positive support of him and LIV. Not one person said anything negative to him. And this is exactly the point of me posting this: we have received a lot of hate over the years, but this stems from financially incentivized opposing parties or bottom-of-the-barrel sociopathic online trolls. The vast majority of folks we run into are positive, encouraging, fans of LIV, or simply fans of golf.'- Greg Norman Jr. wrote.

Moments like these are the reason why Greg Norman can be happy and hopeful that over the years, LIV Golf will become a respected Tour that will have more and more fans.

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