Jon Rahm on Expectations for Merger and PGA Tour Events

There are special events that hold a special place in his heart and evoke fond memories

by Sead Dedovic
Jon Rahm on Expectations for Merger and PGA Tour Events
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Jon Rahm expects a positive future, hoping that the PGA Tour and PIF (LIV Golf) will reach a final agreement. He is one of those who decided to leave the PGA Tour at the height of discussions about nearing a final agreement and unification. The Spaniard admitted that this was one of the reasons he decided to join LIV Golf. 

However, as time passes, the 29-year-old golfer seems increasingly tense. Some fear that this final agreement may not materialize, and the situation in the golf scene could become even more chaotic. Rahm emphasized his hopes that these issues will be resolved. He hopes that golf will be elevated to a higher level.

“We all want to see this resolved. Like I’ve said many times, we have the opportunity to take golf to the next level in the global markets, and I think if done properly we can come up with a better product for anybody, and putting golf as a bigger product in general as a worldwide sport."- Rahm said, as quoted by Irish Golfer!

Jon Rahm intends to play in all LIV Golf events, but his intentions also include competing in the Ryder Cup. Statements from the new DP World Tour chief, Guy Kinnings, that the Spaniard will have the right to compete in the Ryder Cup, can certainly delight Rahm. Jon expects great things from himself at the upcoming Ryder Cup to be held in the USA. 

His intentions also include competing in PGA Tour events. There are special events that hold a special place in his heart and evoke fond memories. The Players Championship is one such event.

“Right now obviously it’s 14 LIV events that I want to play, so that, majors, Ryder Cup for sure, and then after that, yeah, there’s some PGA Tour events that if it’s not conflicting with my LIV schedule I’d love to go play,” Rahm said. “I’ve said numerous times and I’ll say it again, Palm Springs [the American Express], Torrey Pines [Farmers Insurance Open], Phoenix [WM Phoenix Open], LA [Genesis Invitational], if I’m allowed to be able to play, the Players [Players Championship]. Those are events that if I could, I would love to play.”- he continued.

Jon Rahm
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Jon Rahm explained that he's accustomed to playing 23 or 24 events annually, particularly with his previous commitments to both the PGA Tour and DP World Tour schedules. He expressed his willingness to participate in various tournaments, including the Spanish Open and other events in Spain, which hold personal significance for him.

Jon Rahm emphasized that he has always dreamed of playing on the soil of the country where he was born. Such events are unforgettable and carry a special charm with them. Playing in front of fans in Spain is an impressive moment. Although some of his colleagues enjoy the fact that they don't have to play many events, Rahm is not one of them. His love for golf is stronger than anything else.

Jon Rahm about the merger and his expectations

Rahm expressed uncertainty regarding the merger, stressing the complexity of the situation. He acknowledged that there are many unknown factors at play and emphasized the importance of considering what's best for golf as a whole. Rahm admitted that he hasn't had enough conversations with PGA Tour players to calculate their stance on the matter, indicating either impatience or a general lack of knowledge among players regarding the details of the merger.

Most golfers are not informed about the merger negotiations, as leaders and key figures from both Tours negotiate with the aim of reaching an agreement. As months pass, concerns and uncertainties among golfers, especially those from LIV Golf, continue to grow. Players from LIV Golf want to compete in Majors, but without ranking points, such a task seems impossible for many.

A merger would be the best solution for all parties involved and an opportunity to establish peace in the golf scene. The question is how willing the leaders of both Tours are to compromise and understand each other's needs. It is essential that each party be open to change and ready to adapt. This is one of the guarantees for success.

The brilliant Spaniard is a golfer who, before joining LIV Golf, was one of the prominent players on the PGA Tour and a great asset to this Tour. However, Rahm, after receiving a massive financial offer, decided to change his plans and steer his career in a different direction. This decision brought him many challenges, but also consequences that could loom large. His primary concern now is the merger. Jon is optimistic that things will be resolved soon.

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