Anthony Kim's Captivating Response to Fan 'Provocation' Regarding LIV Golf

Anthony Kim has been criticized by the fan for taking 'corrupt money'

by Sead Dedovic
Anthony Kim's Captivating Response to Fan 'Provocation' Regarding LIV Golf
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Anthony Kim, a well-known golf figure and player who returned to the big stage after twelve years, has become a member of LIV Golf. The fact that no one blamed this golfer, especially after his stories about the mental issues he faced, as well as the injuries that troubled him, is noteworthy. His comeback alone is a big deal. 

However, Kim isn't happy with the criticisms directed at LIV Golf by some individuals. The 38-year-old golfer is pleased with the reception and the current development of the situation regarding LIV Golf, with optimism that this Tour will progress. Kim's start in LIV Golf isn't promising, but considering what he has been through, there are high chances that Kim will return to the winner's path.

Taking such a long break and being absent for 12 years is a lengthy period. He will need time to adjust. Anthony Kim has been criticized by the fan for taking 'corrupt money', but shortly after, Kim had a prepared response.

"U believe what u want big guy. There are great players on both tours and I’m happy to be playing. Things will get better buddy keep ur chin up."- Anthony Kim wrote.

His response is enough to show that the American doesn't hold grudges against individuals who are so critical. He is someone who tries to encourage optimism, cultivate faith in people, and won't allow such comments to spoil his perspective. 

Anthony Kim has been openly discussing the challenges he faced in recent months, as well as throughout his career. Despite promising to become a big star, Kim surprisingly ended his career, mostly due to injuries. In a media interview, Kim reflected on the 'bad people' who surrounded him during his career. It seems that the ambitions of those individuals were to exploit Kim and make money.

"I will be honest I have probably shed around 98 percent of the people who used to be around me. I’m not going to lie, I was around some bad people. People that took advantage of me, scam artists. And when you’re 24 or 25, even 30 years old, you don’t realize the snakes that are living under your roof."- Anthony Kim said, as quoted by Mirror.

Despite everything people have done against him, Kim remained determined to return to golf and once again showcase his skills. He didn't allow various situations to shake him or kill his passion for the sport. Kim hopes that individuals can learn from his example. The 38-year-old golfer doesn't want any other promising golfer to experience the same fate as he did.

"People blackmailed me, took advantage of me in different ways... but through the grace of God, I’m here. I’m able to tell my story, hopefully inspire other people and, again, my daughter’s going to be proud of me no matter how I play and that’s the most important thing to me."- he continued.

Anthony Kim's struggles

This brilliant golfer admitted that during his break from golf, he faced huge challenges. The pressure he felt from childhood, immense desire, wrong people, and various other factors likely affected Kim. Dealing with such pressure isn't easy. At one point, Kim realized that he had to confront all these issues. Previously, he had a fear of life and a fear of waking up.

"When I was at a low point in my life, I was scared I would wake up in the morning because of all the things I would have to deal with. A year-and-a-half ago, I didn’t know how much longer I had to live."- Anthony Kim said.

Anthony Kim
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At one point in his life, Kim realized that he needed to seek help from a professional who could provide him with appropriate assistance. This turned out to be the best move for him. Kim no longer wanted to be the same person. His intentions were to change, to progress as a person, and to work on his traumas and issues. The LIV Golfer admitted that his biggest fear now is not waking up, considering the love he feels for his family. For him, family is the greatest support.

Kim emphasizes that the thought of winning again occupies his mind constantly. It's a driving force for him, a reflection of his determination and ambition. When discussing expectations with Greg, he made it clear that he didn't see himself as just another player. Kim's statement highlights his commitment to superiority and his belief in his capabilities as a golfer.

The 38-year-old golfer will have the opportunity to show his best self in the coming months and prove that he will never give up on golf.

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