Greg Norman Feels Sorry for LIV Golf Haters After Event in Australia

"It's the ignorance of others who simply didn't understand what we were trying to do."

by Sead Dedovic
Greg Norman Feels Sorry for LIV Golf Haters After Event in Australia
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LIV Golf has once again made a brilliant move by hosting a tournament in Australia. Fans in this country are thrilled and happy, considering that the Tour's leaders have realized how important it is for golf to be played on Australian soil. Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, couldn't hide his emotions after yet another successful arrival of LIV Golf in Australia. 

Norman particularly addressed the critics who continuously send offensive messages. Norman feels sorry for individuals who fail to grasp the true value of LIV Golf and do not see the progress this Tour is achieving.

"Vindication is not the right word. It's the ignorance of others who simply didn't understand what we were trying to do. I actually feel sorry for them because they now see the true value of LIV Golf and want to be a part of it. The support Australia gave me during my own playing career for decades was something I have never I have never forgotten."- Greg Norman said, as quoted by EXPRESS!

Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, highlighted his motivation behind bringing the tournament to Australia, expressing his belief in the country's passionate golf community. He emphasized the importance of hosting the event on Australian soil and acknowledged the enthusiastic support from fans, affirming that both individual and team golf thrive in the country.

Norman is proud, considering the challenges that LIV Golf has faced since the creation of this Tour. Norman is aware of the hate they received, but despite everything, they remained focused on their goals and had no intention of giving up. Such moments are the reason why Norman still has the desire and passion for this sport and LIV Golf.

Ripper GC, a team comprised of Australians led by Cameron Smith, succeeded in achieving victory on home soil. That was indeed their goal. They knew that the support from the local crowd could be crucial for their success. 

Cameron Smith shared his impressions after the tournament. He had always dreamed of this moment and knew that Australia would warmly welcome LIV Golf and the golfers. Australians proved to be excellent hosts once again, signaling that there are indications that the LIV event will be held in this country again next year.

Cameron Smith
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Smith reflected on the overwhelming success of the tournament in Australia, expressing his belief that the country was the perfect setting for LIV Golf to succeed. He admired the incredible atmosphere and entertainment surrounding the event, stressing that being the home team was an exciting factor. 

Smith praised the efforts of his teammates and emphasized the special experience of playing in such a supportive environment.

The local crowd demonstrated how much they respect and support their players. The biggest star among Australians is certainly Cameron Smith, a 30-year-old golfer who signed with the PGA Tour almost two years ago. Much was expected from him at this tournament. Although he did not succeed individually, his team secured victory, which is reason enough for celebration.

Greg Norman's goals

Greg Norman has ambitions for LIV Golf to progress in the future. Looking at the period from the creation of this Tour to the present, it is evident that this Tour, supported by Saudi Arabia, has advanced. Despite this, a large number of golf fans, especially older ones, do not support such a product, considering it 'fatal' for the future of golf. 

On the other hand, there are those who believe that LIV Golf, regardless of its nature, must be accepted and viewed in the future. A merger is an option that would be the best for both sides. This is the only way this situation could be resolved. Experts and a large number of experienced golfers believe that this is the only path to a brighter future. 

Norman's intentions are serious, as evidenced by his frequent conversations with well-known PGA Tour players. This was the case recently as well. The CEO of LIV Golf had the opportunity to speak with one of the LIV Golfers at his home.

"I've sat down with one top, top PGA Tour player in his house, with another member of my team, and walked him through the whole process.

He was so impressed. He said 'well that's not we are told in the locker room, this is really impressive'. He made the decision, he called me up two days later and said 'I've decided to stay where I'm at'. 

I said 'happy days, you made a decision on fact, if you're happy over here, fine, stay there. The door is always open."- Norman said.

Norman's intentions are to confirm that many see LIV Golf in a positive light, especially after discussions with him and key figures of this Tour. He expects to attract many more players in the future and believes that LIV will become the premier product.

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