New DP World Tour Chief: Protecting the Ryder Cup is a Top Priority

“I think it [the Ryder Cup in Rome] reminded all of us what golf can look like at its very best and it was brilliant."

by Sead Dedovic
New DP World Tour Chief: Protecting the Ryder Cup is a Top Priority
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New DP World Tour CEO Guy Kinnings, in a media interview, addressed the Ryder Cup and the fact that many players are not eligible to compete in this competition. The best players from Europe and the US compete in this event every two years, and winning it is considered by many as one of the greatest achievements in golf. In an interview with the Scotsman, Kinnings discussed the future of this competition, with a particular focus on whether divisions in the golf world could affect the Ryder Cup and its quality decline. 

Kinnings' intention is not to be biased when it comes to the future of golf and the relationship between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. For him, the priority is to see great golf, as he had the opportunity in Rome last year when the European team achieved victory. Although some important players in the European team couldn't play due to their involvement in LIV Golf, Europeans still showed quality. The atmosphere surrounding the Ryder Cup and great golf is why Kinnings is optimistic about this competition next year at Bethpage.

“I’m the least impartial person when it comes to talking about the Ryder Cup,” -Kinnings said, as quoted by Irish Golfer.

“I think it [the Ryder Cup in Rome] reminded all of us what golf can look like at its very best and it was brilliant. At a time when we were talking too much about money, which isn’t what we want in golf, to see those players do what they did, for each other, for their country, for the continent, it was just wonderful."

DP World Tour CEO, Guy Kinnings
DP World Tour CEO, Guy Kinnings© Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport

Guy Kinnings emphasizes the importance of protecting the Ryder Cup, highlighting its importance not only in golf but in the broader sports world. He stresses the responsibility of elevating all aspects related to the tournament and ensuring its improvement, alongside improving the overall tour experience. Kinnings admits the necessity of sticking to existing rules while emphasizing the need to build upon past successes, spanning from Rome to New York, and culminating in Ireland in 2027.

The Ryder Cup is a competition with a rich history dating back to 1927. The recent Ryder Cup in Rome showcased the dominance of the European team. Although some anticipated tension and conflicts in last year's Ryder Cup, the situation was quite different. Golfers from both Tours displayed unity, a fantastic atmosphere, and ultimately, the Europeans demonstrated superior quality.

The imperative for the US team is to disrupt the Europeans' plans next year. Playing at home provides the greatest advantage in this competition. This is one reason why many give the US team a chance to win.

The biggest fear for Europeans is potentially losing many quality players who were key players in last year's Ryder Cup. One of them is Jon Rahm. According to Kinnings' statements, Rahm and Hatton are eligible to compete next year, despite facing sanctions from the DP World Tour. 

Rules in the world of golf can often be quite confusing, and there's always a need for a significant figure who can resolve dilemmas when it comes to such matters. European fans are questioning what changes will occur in the future. 

Optimism is dwindling as many golfers consider their options for the future and see what LIV Golf offers them. Nevertheless, it's impressive to see how the European team, despite the losses of individual golfers, manages to create a team that can rival the strong US team.

Luke Donald's expectations

Luke Donald will once again be the captain of his team at Bethpage Black in 2025. Donald has been entrusted with this role again, given his proven ability to create a team capable of achieving success. Donald doesn't appear particularly concerned about various rumors or the possibility of losing key players in the future.

Donald expresses the challenges of being a Captain away from home, acknowledging it as a tough task. However, he emphasizes his willingness to embrace challenges, which has been a hallmark of his career. Donald sees such challenges as motivating factors. He eagerly anticipates leading another 12-strong team to Bethpage in 2025.

Guy Kinnings, then Executive Director of the Ryder Cup, expressed his satisfaction with Luke's performance as Captain in Rome and announced his return to the role for the 2025 Ryder Cup in New York. Kinnings praised Luke for his clear, calm, and impressive leadership skills demonstrated in Rome, emphasizing them as valuable assets for Team Europe as they face the challenge of defending the Ryder Cup against a strong US Team supported by passionate fans in New York. 

Donald wants to meet expectations again and try to win with his team.

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