Tiger Woods gets special exemption to US Open

"I’m honored to receive this exemption and could not be more excited for the opportunity to compete in this year’s U.S. Open."

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods gets special exemption to US Open
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Fans of the US Open will have the opportunity to see Tiger Woods again, as he has received a special exemption for this year's US Open edition. The last time he competed in this tournament was in 2020. 

This great golfer won the US Open three times. Tiger will have the opportunity to compete in the US Open in just over a month. 

In a media interview, he expressed excitement and happiness about participating in this Major. Woods has only fond memories of the US Open, a Major that many aspire to win. 

Considering his injuries and everything that has happened in recent years, it's hard to expect Woods to perform at his best. Nevertheless, the fact that he is playing in this Major is reason enough for joy for now. In a media interview, Woods confirmed that this is a special event for him, and he is honored to be able to compete this year.

"The U.S. Open, our national championship, is a truly special event for our game and one that has helped define my career," Woods said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

"I’m honored to receive this exemption and could not be more excited for the opportunity to compete in this year’s U.S. Open, especially at Pinehurst, a venue that means so much to the game."

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods© Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport

USGA Chief Championships Officer John Bodenhamer also decided to comment after it was confirmed that Woods will compete in the US Open. Bodenhamer is aware of the significance Woods holds for the world of golf, so there were not too many doubts when it comes to Woods and his participation in the US Open. 

Bodenhamer reflected on Woods' successes in this Major. Woods has provided us with many brilliant moments at this tournament. Some expect him to offer the same this year, although it's hard to anticipate considering his injuries. 

The mere fact that Woods is on the golf course will attract additional attention from fans and the media. This is enough evidence of the impact Tiger has in the world of golf.

“The story of the U.S. Open could not be written without Tiger Woods,” -John Bodenhamer said. 

“From his 15-stroke victory at Pebble Beach in 2000 to his inspiring win on a broken leg at Torrey Pines in 2008, this championship is simply better when Tiger is in the field, and his accomplishments in the game undoubtedly made this an easy decision for our special exemption committee.”

The legendary Woods has previously expressed his readiness to compete in Majors. His intentions are not to play a large number of tournaments, nor can his body endure such efforts. It was noticeable in previous tournaments that Woods didn't feel his best. 

However, his passion and love for golf outweigh everything. His last appearance was at this year's Masters. Fans didn't have high expectations from him, knowing that Woods' injuries prevent him from performing at his best.

Tiger Woods on Masters

After this year's Masters, Tiger Woods expressed dissatisfaction with his performance. The 48-year-old golfer highlighted that he hasn't played many tournaments, and the long period of recovery has taken a toll on his game. Woods expected to capitalize on more opportunities, but unfortunately, he needs a lengthy period to return to winning ways, if that's even a possibility. Perhaps the US Open will be a chance to see a better version of Woods. The primary focus must be on his recovery, and then everything else.

Tiger Woods confirmed yesterday that he has three Majors in the next three months, hoping for the best outcome for him. Previously, Woods confirmed his intentions to play at least one tournament per month until the end of the year. Although he himself doesn't know if his body can withstand such efforts, his hopes remain. 

Focusing on body recovery, Woods emphasized his commitment to "cold plunge every day, religiously." The recovery process won't be easy. Although Woods feels much better than in previous years, it will take some time for the recovery to be complete. Woods wants to take advantage of this period to try to fully recover and return to the golf course, playing tournaments as often as possible.

US Open: What can we expect?

This year's US Open could bring great excitement. The best players in the world of golf will compete in this Major. Certainly, much attention will be focused on Scottie Scheffler, who has been doing incredible things this season. Last year's winner was Wyndham Clark. This year, there are several names standing out as favorites, but only one will succeed in their intention.

The US Open is a Majors with a huge tradition, dating back to 1895. Winning this competition implies that you remain written in history, and being written in the history of this competition is a big deal.

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