Phil Mickelson Suggests Career's Conclusion

"I’m 53 now and my career, you know, if I’m being truthful it’s toward its end."

by Sead Dedovic
Phil Mickelson Suggests Career's Conclusion
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Phil Mickelson is a golfer who provokes various reactions, especially after his decision to join LIV Golf. Since then, Mickelson hasn't been a particularly popular figure among fans, although opinions about him and the entire LIV "project" are slowly changing. Next month, we have the US Open ahead, a Major that Mickelson is missing in his career. His intention is to complete the career grand slam.

Mickelson has come close to winning this competition many times, finishing as runner-up six times, most recently 11 years ago. However, he has always fallen just short of claiming this Major title. Considering his current form, some are not optimistic that Mickelson can achieve such a feat this year.

Certain fans of this sport lack optimism even regarding other Majors and events in LIV Golf, believing that Mickelson no longer holds the same passion for golf as he once did. Having been a fixture in the golf scene for years, Mickelson faces various factors that may impede his performance in some tournaments. Age is one such factor, and alongside it, motivations and desires often wane over time.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the 53-year-old golfer surprised many by announcing that his career is nearing its end. His intentions at this moment are to help other golfers develop and enjoy this sport.

"I’m 53 now and my career, you know, if I’m being truthful it’s toward its end. Now, I would like to help others find the same enjoyment and fulfilment that the game of golf has provided me.”- Mickelson told Bloomberg TV.

Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson© Asanka Ratnayake/Getty Images Sport

Being part of this sport for years entails having to sacrifice certain things and having to travel and prepare for tournaments week after week. The schedule can be exhausting, and so can the travel. Mickelson admits that sometimes he feels lonely playing on the golf course, thinking about his family and friends. It seems like Mickelson wants to dedicate more time to his family and friends, having already achieved great things in golf.

"There are moments when you are on a golf course alone and you have that solitude, or you could also be with family and friends having a good time or competing in a club championship or junior event or at the highest level and feeling that competition."- he continued.

Mickelson is aware that at some point in his career, he must make a final decision and end his adventure in the world of golf. Making such a decision can be difficult, especially when it comes to golf. It's a sport where individuals play significantly longer than in other sports. 

When you've been on the big tournaments for years, playing this sport and accustomed to the rhythm, a total change can be very challenging. Many athletes complain about the adaptation process and the change in rhythm after the end of their careers.

Phil Mickelson on the future of golf

Before the LIV Singapore event, Mickelson reflected on the future of golf. The past three years have proven to be challenging. The arrival of LIV Golf has changed many things, one could freely say that the arrival of LIV Golf has turned things in golf around by 100 degrees. 

Reactions vary, but the arrival of LIV Golf has mostly sparked negative reactions. However, Mickelson remains optimistic about LIV Golf, recognizing the potential of this competition. Phil had no doubts about joining LIV after seeing the project presented to him, along with the financial offers. The 53-year-old golfer predicts that important changes will occur in golf over the next five to ten years. What can delight golf fans, as well as LIV, is that Mickelson is optimistic about such changes.

On the other hand, Mickelson admits to a lot of uncertainty regarding the future. Although he wasn't direct and didn't emphasize that he's thinking about a merger between LIV and the PGA Tour, all signs point to the fact that the experienced golfer is aiming for it. 

It's been a long time since the negotiations between PIF and the PGA Tour, but a final agreement has still not been reached. Mickelson is certain about one thing: the quality of golfers will rise from year to year, increasing competitiveness in golf tournaments. 

Furthermore, Mickelson stresses that the direction golf is heading in will please fans and players alike. Phil also focused primarily on LIV Golf, expecting this Tour to put an accent on playing outside the US. The intentions are for the LIV Tour to feature the best golfers who will offer a spectacle to fans worldwide.

It will be interesting to observe the direction the PGA Tour and LIV Golf will take and what they will present to us in the future.

Phil Mickelson