Brooks Koepka Expects LIV Golfers to Start Winning Majors

"There’s too many good players in the game and too many good players.”

by Sead Dedovic
Brooks Koepka Expects LIV Golfers to Start Winning Majors
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There has been much debate since the creation of LIV Golf about whether the golfers on this Tour have the same quality as their PGA Tour counterparts. A significant number of quality players from the PGA Tour have decided to leave this Tour and join LIV Golf. 

Their 'unpopular' decisions have sparked various reactions. Some believe that LIV Golf is not competitive enough and that the quality of this Tour is not satisfactory. Such statements frustrate LIV Golf executives who want to show that LIV Golf is on track to become No.1.

Brooks Koepka is one of the golfers who has somewhat changed the perception of LIV Golf after winning the PGA Championship. 

Brooks hopes that his colleagues from LIV can also achieve similar feats in the future. In a media interview, Koepka emphasized the importance of his victory for LIV Golf as a brand. He commented on the current situation in the golf scene, highlighting that there are many quality golfers on LIV Golf. He hopes that in the future, some of his colleagues can take it a step further, finally showcasing the strength of this Tour to the world and helping LIV Golf progress.

“It helped LIV Golf, but you’ve got everybody that tees it up at a major championship ready to go, ready to go win the thing. If not, then they shouldn’t be there,” said Koepka, as quoted by Irish Golfer.

“Look, it’s going to happen over time. There’s too many good players. You look at it consistently, you’ve got Jon, Bryson, Dustin, Cam. Those are guys that are going to win quite a few majors. As long as we’re in them, I think there’s a good chance that people over the next four or five years will have a few.

There’s too many good players in the game and too many good players.”

Brooks Koepka holds his son, Crew at The Masters 2024
Brooks Koepka holds his son, Crew at The Masters 2024© Warren Little/Getty Images Sport

Brooks Koepka was asked about the merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf ahead of another LIV Golf event. He's not the only one receiving such questions. Many golfers, especially the more well-known ones, often receive similar inquiries. 

Judging by the reactions, little is known at this point. Koepka emphasized that the merger involves a deal between PIF and the PGA Tour, highlighting that distinction. Although many speak of this merger as between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, Koepka stresses that it's not the case. 

Brooks confirmed that nobody has an idea of what's happening. For him, the priority is to play the best he can, focusing on tournaments, while the leadership of the PGA Tour and PIF will take care of the rest.

Brooks Koepka isn't particularly satisfied with his form and is ready to work on various aspects of his game to progress as a player.

Koepka explains that he made the switch to the new putter a couple of weeks before the Augusta tournament and hasn't used his old putter since then, despite having relied on it for over a decade.

He elaborates on his frustration by stating that he's having difficulty finding the hole when putting. Koepka indicates that he and his team have been working enthusiastically  to find solutions to this problem.  Koepka is known as a golfer with a specific character and sometimes a short fuse. 

Playing tournaments week after week with the same issues wasn't part of the plan. Brooks hopes that the future can bring something better for him, ready to work on the specific part of his game. The American has shown many times in his career that he is a quality golfer, but every player sometimes goes through a crisis period, on which they must work.

Furthermore, he describes the challenge of seeing the ball consistently miss the hole, despite feeling confident in his putting technique. The continuous near misses are taking a toll on him mentally. However, he remains hopeful that his putting performance will improve soon as he continues to focus on hitting good putts.

Golf as a mental game

Brooks is aware that golf is a mental game, just like any other. In moments when you're experiencing career crises and things aren't going well for you, it's important to stay calm and focused. However, talking about it is one thing, and practice is another. Koepka understands that his nerves and frustrations won't bring positive outcomes, but it's very difficult to maintain his mindset when week after week he's facing the same issues.

We will eagerly follow the games of this great golfer and see if he can improve his mistakes in the future. Koepka clearly wants to work most on the mental aspect of his game and create a special mindset that can take him to the top.

Brooks Koepka