Brooks Koepka Opens Up About His Relationship with Matt Wolff Now

"We just didn't gel and see eye-to-eye on how things were or how I thought they should be."

by Sead Dedovic
Brooks Koepka Opens Up About His Relationship with Matt Wolff Now
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LIV Golf brought a multitude of innovations to the golf scene, one of which was the creation of teams. One of the most interesting figures from LIV Golf is Brooks Koepka. The 34-year-old golfer is the captain of the Smash GC team. Those who had the opportunity to follow LIV Golf are well aware of what happened within that team, especially regarding the conflict between Koepka and Matt Wolff.

Although Koepka had high expectations for Wolff, it seems that this 25-year-old golfer did not meet them. Koepka used every opportunity to criticize Wolff, emphasizing that he had given up on him.

Koepka had been talking about team dynamics even back then, believing that it's difficult to achieve success with a team when you have an individual who refuses to work and give their best. Brooks went so far as to call him a 'wasted talent' at the time.

What's interesting is that this duo was paired for the second round of LIV Golf Adelaide last week. There was no sense of animosity on the course, and the atmosphere seemed quite friendly. Brooks addressed this tournament and the fact that he was paired with Wolff in a media interview. The 34-year-old golfer emphasized that he has always respected and liked Wolff. Brooks also confirmed that he only speaks about Wolff in positive terms.

"Look, I have no problem with Matt. We just didn't gel and see eye-to-eye on how things were or how I thought they should be. I've always liked him as a person. I think he's a great kid. I've said that to a bunch of people even behind closed doors during everything last year."- Brooks Koepka said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Brooks explained that it was beneficial for both Wolff and their team for him to leave and join the Range Goats. He noted that Wolff appears to be performing better now, both in terms of his mindset and his game. Brooks clarified that he holds no resentment towards Wolff whatsoever.

Matt Wolff
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Wolff explained that he doesn't believe Koepka's position on the leaderboard will affect his performance on Sunday. He emphasized that his focus is exclusively on his own game and playing to the best of his abilities. Wolff reiterated that he approaches every tournament and every round with the mindset of giving his best effort, without being concerned about others' performances. He pointed out that since he can't control what others do, there's no point in fixating on Koepka or anyone else.

It seems that from the moment everything happened until today, Wolff has learned many things.

There's a strong possibility that the experience he had with Brooks Koepka was just an additional motivation for him. Wolff wanted to show that he's still a golfer of exceptional quality, whose abilities no one should doubt. Koepka was obviously a motivating factor for this young golfer to improve and dedicate himself more to golf than ever before. Sometimes, even the worst things in life can be a springboard to success, depending on how they affect you.

Koepka had previously mentioned, specifically in November of last year, that he had tried to help Wolff. He wanted to assist the young golfer and also help his team achieve their goals. However, Koepka was visibly disappointed at the time, aware that Wolff had no intention of progressing and changing.

It's difficult to assess what happened between these two golfers, but it's clear that conflicts existed for a long time. Brooks was not pleased with Wolff's performances and dedication.

“I’ve tried. I’ve spent the majority of the beginning of the year trying to help and trying to figure that out. But I think it’s past its point. I’ve tried. I’ve been very open with it. Sometimes you can’t help people that don’t want help.”- Koepka said.

Matt Wolff about the challenges in golf

Wolff explained that golf presents important challenges. He acknowledged that while it came easily to him while growing up and competing at lower levels, the transition to the professional setting has been tough. The pressure of performing in front of a large audience, coupled with the understanding that consistent success is difficult to achieve, adds to the difficulty.

Wolff isn't the only one who has talked about this. When you transition from juniors to a completely different environment, into the world of professionals, for many, it can be a tough and challenging journey. However, only the mentally strongest manage to achieve their goals despite all obstacles and adapt to their competition. Wolff has strived to improve from day one, and it seems he has succeeded in doing so.

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