Rory McIlroy Declares: No Comeback to PGA Tour Policy Board

"I think it just, it got pretty complicated and pretty messy."

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy Declares: No Comeback to PGA Tour Policy Board
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Rory McIlroy's future is always an interesting topic in the golf scene. Northern Irishman was mentioned a few weeks ago as the main candidate for the PGA Tour Policy Board, but it seems that won't happen, at least not in the near future. 

McIlroy also admitted a few weeks ago that there's a chance he might return, believing he could be of assistance. McIlroy was previously part of the PGA Tour Policy Board but decided to resign as he felt such a role no longer suited him, stressing he needed to focus on golf more than ever. 

Rory McIlroy spoke about his potential return to the PGA Tour Policy Board ahead of the Wells Fargo Championship. Northern Irishman confirmed that the situation is complicated, reminiscent of when he was previously part of the PGA Tour Policy Board.

“Yeah, there's been a lot of conversations. Sort of reminded me partly why I didn't. So yeah, I think it just, it got pretty complicated and pretty messy and I think with the way it happened, I think it opened up some old wounds and scar tissue from things that have happened before.”- Rory McIlroy said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

In November of last year, McIlroy decided to resign from the Policy Board, focusing on his career and career challenges. Although McIlroy was one of the main ambassadors of the PGA Tour, criticizing LIV Golf, the 34-year-old golfer has changed his views, believing that LIV Golfers still have the right to return to the PGA Tour. McIlroy further discussed his potential return to the PGA Tour Policy Board, emphasizing that many individuals are against his return.

McIlroy mentioned that there seemed to be a group of people on the board who felt anxious about his return for some undisclosed reason.

Rory McIlroy
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He suggested that if certain members were uncomfortable with him rejoining, it might be best for Webb to continue serving on the board until his term ends. It appears that Webb has reached a point of comfort with this decision, and McIlroy intends to continue with his current activities. 

Webb has also proven to be a great fit for this role, but some believe that Rory is the person who deserves to be part of the PGA Tour Policy Board, considering his qualities and influence in the world of golf. McIlroy is somewhat tired of the ongoing chaos that has persisted for over two years now, hoping for an end to these conflicts between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. McIlroy is open to the option of a merger, believing it to be the best choice for all parties involved. It's the only way to achieve harmony and peace in the golf scene.

He expressed that there's currently a chance to accomplish this, as it would be beneficial for both sides from a business standpoint, though not necessarily imperative. He acknowledged that it might not be an entirely satisfying outcome for either party, but if it leads to a revitalization of the golfing community and a return to unity, then he sees it as a positive development in the long run.

Northern Irishman believes that the focus should be on the globalization of golf, raising the question of how willing individuals are to compete outside of America.

“It could be if we go to more of a global schedule, do the American players that are used to playing all their golf in America want to travel outside of the States 12 times a year to play tournament golf, you know? That's a consideration."- he said.

Rory McIlroy on the treatment of LIV Golfers and PGA Tour players

McIlroy pointed out that if all players return to the PGA Tour, only a small number from the LIV contingent still have status or eligibility there. However, he questioned whether it would be acceptable to the rest of the membership if those players return after fulfilling their contracts and have financially benefited by potentially hundreds of millions of dollars compared to those who remained. This is an important factor to consider.

This is also one of the questions posed by many golfers, considering that things are somewhat unusual in the golf scene at the moment. Individuals who have decided to remain on the PGA Tour should perhaps receive different treatment, at least that's what most people think. Yet, it's still too early to speak about it, especially since the merger issue hasn't been resolved yet. Primarily, it's necessary for the PGA Tour and PIF to find common ground, finalize the agreement, and only then can options for the future be considered.

McIlroy expressed optimism regarding the agreement. Additionally, he sees Webb's continuation as a positive thing, considering Webb as visionary and a great person.

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