Tournament Director Backs McIlroy for Policy Board, Believes Cantlay Ruins the Tour

“We need Rory back on the board. Had he stayed on he could’ve neutered Cantlay."

by Sead Dedovic
Tournament Director Backs McIlroy for Policy Board, Believes Cantlay Ruins the Tour
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Many want to see Rory McIlroy back on the PGA Tour Policy Board, but it seems that the chances of that are diminishing. Northern Irishman has confirmed today that there are obstacles to his return, believing that some are uncomfortable with his comeback to the position he held last year. 

However, new sources suggest that the situation is somewhat different, at least judging by the statements. 

An anonymous tournament director on the PGA Tour believes that Rory McIlroy's return as a player-director would be crucial for the future of golf. The anonymous director stresses that Rory must come back, considering that Patrick Cantlay is destroying the Tour, while on the other hand, Webb Simpson is too nice for such a position. Many believe that Rory's return would be crucial for the future of the PGA Tour, as his voice could be extremely important.

“We need Rory back on the board. Had he stayed on he could’ve neutered Cantlay. He’s the only one with the power to neuter Cantlay. We need Rory to try to keep Cantlay from ruining the Tour… Webb [Simpson] is too nice. A lot of people at the Tour at a very high level are thrilled that Rory is going back on the board for that reason."- he said, as reported by Golf Monthly.

If a merger occurs between the PGA Tour, it could entail many changes regarding the PGA Tour, as they would likely need to adapt to LIV Golf in some aspects, and vice versa. Rory is someone who believes that the globalization of golf would be a great thing, with a focus on playing tournaments outside of America. 

An anonymous tournament director seems to have a somewhat different opinion. 

He emphasizes that there are many things he's not happy about regarding Rory. 

He confirmed that the agreement with PIF is a priority, as with that agreement, things could be significantly better for all parties, especially the PGA Tour. It's evident how much this director dislikes Cantlay, considering that he's hindering negotiations, while Rory, on the other hand, would be crucial in reaching a final agreement.

"Rory wants the Irish Open and other international events to be promoted and smaller fields and larger purses. There’s a lot we don’t like about Rory and his deal.

But the main thing is Cantlay and we’ve got to get a deal done with the PIF. LIV’s got to go away. If we don’t get a deal done, we’re all screwed in the end. We all know it. (Cantlay) is against it. Rory is for it. So let’s get a deal done and get these (guys) put to bed."- he continued.

Patrick Cantlay
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He further emphasized that nobody wants to work with the Saudis, but at this moment, there's no other option for them. They are aware that it's challenging, or rather impossible, to compete with the Saudis considering their financial power. 

He once again put the spotlight on Cantlay, believing that he's blocking negotiations between the PGA Tour and PIF. 

Judging by the statements of an anonymous director, Rory wants Jimmy Dunne (an independent director) to be the negotiator, not the players. 

He believes that players should vote on matters concerning rules, not negotiate, especially now that the future of golf is uncertain. 

The anonymous director doesn't want individuals without a high school or educational background to negotiate when it comes to such huge sums of money, believing that they don't understand business. He wants to see a strong businessman leading the negotiations and bringing things to a conclusion.

Rory McIlroy has no intention of returning to the PGA Tour Policy Board

Rory McIlroy confirmed today that he has no intention of returning to the PGA Tour Policy Board. The Northern Irishman admitted that he has held many discussions with the intention of returning, but there are obstacles preventing him from resuming his old role. 

He emphasizes that things are complicated, and old wounds are still open. McIlroy is a supporter of merging with LIV Golf, expecting the agreement to be reached as soon as possible. 

Although he was against the deal with PIF, he realized that he cannot prevent PIF and LIV Golf from being part of the golf scene. 

The only thing left is to accept them and start negotiating with them, aiming for a brighter future for the fans of this sport. It's difficult to look at things from a positive perspective now that there is more conflict than ever, not only between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf but also between golfers on the same Tours. LIV Golf has disrupted many things, but the merger could also fix many things. We'll have to wait and see what happens.