Eddie Pepperell expressed disappointment with how Rory McIlroy is being treated

Pepperell believes that Rory would bring a lot with his return

by Sead Dedovic
Eddie Pepperell expressed disappointment with how Rory McIlroy is being treated
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Rory McIlroy will not return to the PGA Tour Policy Board. Some wonder how this will affect the future of golf and whether Rory's exclusion could impact the final agreement between PIF and the PGA Tour. 

However, it was confirmed this morning that Rory will be part of the PGA Tour Enterprises' Transaction Subcommittee, along with Woods and Scott. 

Although he won't have voting rights, he will have influence in the negotiations. 

Speaking about a potential return to the PGA Tour Policy Board, Rory emphasized that some individuals oppose it and are uncomfortable with his comeback. The statements of some golfers confirm this. 

Some believe Rory shouldn't return because he was already part of the PGA Tour Policy Board, after which he decided to resign. They consider a return to be a mistake.

Nevertheless, there are also those disappointed that Rory won't be back on the Board. One of them is Eddie Pepperell. In an interview with the National Club Golfer, he stated that it's a shame Rory won't be part of the PGA Tour Policy Board. Having people like Rory, Pepperell believes, is significant, given that Northern Irishman has a massive influence in the world of golf.

"I think it’s a shame for somebody like Rory not to be involved, particularly on the PGA Tour’s board because invariably, it’s made of Americans. I think any good board, what is in golf or any business, benefits from having people with a wider, more generalist perspective and I think Rory brings that."- he told National Club Golfer.

Pepperell believes that Rory would bring a lot with his return and be an important factor in the negotiations. A golfer who is so influential in the world of this sport should have a more considerable role in the whole story and negotiations that could change the future of golf. Eddie referred to Rory's previous resignation, believing that he hasn't regretted it. However, Pepperell is impressed by the character of the Northern Irishman, considering that his love and nature are much greater than the obstacles Rory has faced.

"That’s just one thing he brings, not to mention everything else he brings, so I think it’s a shame for them that Rory isn’t going to be a voice within that room... I think you’d rather have someone like Rory in that room. I suspect he regrets, to a small degree, resigning in the first place, but I also think that’s a reflection of Rory’s character and his nature and I think that’s what we like about Rory."- he continued.

Rory McIlroy
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Eddie highlights that Rory can sometimes be impulsive, but that it is part of his character, stressing that it does not negatively affect him and the individuals around him. Rory is simply a person who strives to be better day by day, aiming to help golf progress and to help his colleagues.

Pepperell isn't the only one siding with the 34-year-old golfer. Many of Rory's colleagues also believe that such a persona should be part of the PGA Tour Policy Board. Given that opinions in the golf scene have been greatly divided lately, McIlroy's colleagues also don't share the same opinion regarding the future of golf, specifically the merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

Some of individuals are frustrated by the PGA Tour's intention to engage with LIV Golf, considering it detrimental to golf. However, there are those, it seems even the majority, who want to see unity in the golf scene, hoping to play again with their colleagues from LIV Golf.

Rory McIlroy on Tiger Woods

In today's interview, Rory also touched upon Tiger Woods, who will be part of the PGA Tour Enterprises' Transaction Subcommittee along with him. Despite being friends, that doesn't necessarily mean they share the same views. The 34-year-old golfer discussed the future of golf this morning, emphasizing Woods. 

McIlroy believes that he and Tiger Woods have the right not to share the same opinion, stressing that in this case, their opinions are not so close, but neither are they so far apart. There are some things they don't agree on.

On the other hand, Rory is someone who believes that differing opinions don't mean that individuals are in conflict. Moreover, Woods and McIlroy have an excellent relationship and intend to maintain such relationships in the future.

When you have two golfers like that involved in the whole process, it can be a huge deal for the PGA Tour at this moment. McIlroy expects the PGA Tour and PIF to reach an agreement as soon as possible and thus help everyone start nurturing hope for better days in this sport. In the coming weeks, we could definitively find out what will happen. The merger would be a big deal for everyone.

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