Robert MacIntyre on Goals, Challenges, and Hardships on the PGA Tour

Robert MacIntyre is having trouble adjusting to playing on the PGA Tour

by Sead Dedovic
Robert MacIntyre on Goals, Challenges, and Hardships on the PGA Tour
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Robert MacIntyre seems to be feeling much better playing on the PGA Tour now than he did before. His statements from two days ago don't align with what we're saying, but MacIntyre's comments today are somewhat different. 

Just to recap, two days ago, MacIntyre, talking about his adventure on the PGA Tour, emphasized that playing on the PGA Tour is completely different from playing on the DP World Tour. 

He believes that playing on the European Tour is much friendlier and fosters a greater sense of community. 

The 27-year-old Scot hasn't excelled on the PGA Tour so far, with only two top-10 finishes this season. MacIntyre pointed out that the PGA Tour is a place where individuals are much more focused on themselves than on the group.

However, playing at the Myrtle Beach Classic, MacIntyre had somewhat more positive remarks regarding the PGA Tour. The Scot emphasized his satisfaction with his performance. 

Reflecting on his game, he felt he played a good round despite having the chance to achieve a better result. 

Nevertheless, the intentions of this 27-year-old are not to focus on the negatives. He prefers to concentrate on the positives, believing that the future holds something better for him. MacIntyre opened with a 7-under 64, followed by a 4-under 67 on Friday.

“I think it’s been really good. I think it’s difficult to back up a good round [like I had on Thursday],” MacIntyre said, as quoted by sbnation.

“Felt like I did that really well. The front nine I was absolutely pretty much flawless golf. Missed a few chances. But when you keep giving yourself lots of chances, you’re going to take some. Overall a good round today and a good one [Thursday].”

Robert MacIntyre
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MacIntyre explained that coming from a small town on the west coast of Scotland, where people tend to stay rooted in their hometown throughout their lives, transitioning to life on the PGA Tour has been challenging. 

He and his girlfriend are trying to establish a new home away from their family and friends, which presents its own set of difficulties. They are doing their best to adapt to this new lifestyle, but it's a stark contrast to the familiarity and connections they have back home in Oban.

MacIntyre is evidently someone who values community, family, and these core principles. It's the simple way he was brought up. When a person with similar values makes a change and enters a completely different environment, it's challenging to confront and adapt to it. 

MacIntyre expressed his belief that relocating to the U.S. was necessary to fulfill his golfing aspirations. However, he now questions whether that's the right path for him. He believes that a content Bob MacIntyre performs better on the golf course, and being at home makes him happy. Therefore, he plans to return to Scotland instead of going to Orlando after the next couple of events.

Some individuals prioritize home above all else. The 27-year-old is one of them. Although he dreamed of the big stage since childhood, realizing what it meant to come to the US and play golf, it turned out that it wasn't his dream. MacIntyre realized that there are other values.

Robert MacIntyre and PGA Tour

Individuals who play on the DP World Tour dream of one day receiving an invitation to compete on the PGA Tour. MacIntyre is one of them. 

For him, it wasn't difficult to decide on such a career move, aware of what a career on the PGA Tour entails. The Scot knew that playing on the PGA Tour brings benefits in every sense, and it also provides the opportunity to play with the best and advance as a player.

“It wasn’t a difficult decision. The World Ranking points, the financial gain and the practice facilities, it can only benefit me if I play good golf,” MacIntyre said.

MacIntyre highlights his flexibility regarding tour choices. With the option to return to the European Tour whenever he desires and the benefit of having earned a card from the Ryder Cup participation, he feels secure. 

His primary goal is to elevate his game and become one of the world's top players. MacIntyre stresses the uncertainty of his potential in golf but remains committed to giving his best effort each day, accepting the outcomes, and aiming to improve continuously.

Those who have followed this phenomenal golfer know that he possesses massive potential to achieve great things in the golfing world. 

His primary focus at this moment is an adaptation, considering that this is his first season on the PGA Tour. Much can change in the coming months. The 27-year-old must concentrate on gaining momentum and delivering impressive performances, much like he did on the European Tour.

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