Anthony Kim On Chamblee's Statements: He Is Disliked by Most in the Golf World

Kim is not happy with the golf commentator's statements about the merger and LIV Golf

by Sead Dedovic
Anthony Kim On Chamblee's Statements: He Is Disliked by Most in the Golf World
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The change in views of golf commentator Brandel Chamblee has sparked outrage among golf fans and some players participating in LIV Golf. Once a professional golfer himself, Chamblee has been clear from the inception of LIV Golf about his stance on this tour: "I do not support them!" 

Chamblee has been one of the most vocal critics of LIV Golf, using every opportunity to criticize them and show that LIV Golf brings nothing good to the world of golf. His comments have angered some individuals involved in LIV Golf. He has seized every moment to criticize the decisions of certain golfers who have joined LIV Golf for the money.

However, over time, Chamblee seems to have changed his stance. At the moment when even Rory McIlroy admitted that a merger is a good option and that LIV Golf cannot disappear from the golf scene, many supported his stance and decided to change their opinion. 

Whether because of Rory or himself, Chamblee also changed his position regarding LIV Golf. 

Yesterday's statement by this golf commentator provoked positive reactions. Namely, Brandel stresses that it is pointless to fight against a Tour that is so financially strong and can accomplish great things with money. Chamblee doesn't think that's the best option. For him, unity is the only right choice and a chance for golf to move in the right direction.

"The PGA Tour is in this pickle like it or not, but, do you want to compete with someone who’s not gonna go away (LIV), who can outspend you (PIF)?

Every move they make that makes their Tour better deletes your Tour and causes more division within the Tour. So the time is now, to Rory’s point about making a deal, I wouldn’t have said that a year ago… but it is the better end of the bargain.”-Chamblee said, as quoted by MIRROR.

Brandel Chamblee
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Anthony Kim reacts to Chamblee's statements

The returnee to the big stage after 12 years, Anthony Kim, couldn't just silently watch Chamblee's statements, aware of what this golf commentator used to say, considering him a hypocrite. Kim's return to the big stage and joining LIV Golf also sparked criticism. 

Kim knew that his decision would have certain consequences, but obviously didn't expect individuals to change their views so quickly. Antony expressed his dissatisfaction with Chamblee and his statements via social media.

"Ramble Chamblee @chambleebrandel ur such a [....] 4 beating on ur chest and basically saying never retreat & hypocritically retreat. It is well known this talentless fool is disliked by most people in the golf world. U still gonna cover golf if @livgolf_league is involved?”- he wrote on X

Antony Kim's return and LIV Golf

Kim shocked many at the end of February this year when he decided to return to the golf scene and join LIV Golf. In his statements, he didn't overly emphasize LIV Golf and the conflicts prevailing in the golf scene. Instead, he talked about his journey back and the challenges he faced during his golf hiatus. 

Kim highlighted that he is happy with his return and hopes to deliver great performances again as he did in the past. The 38-year-old American evidently isn't someone who wants to engage in conflicts in the golf scene until he notices hypocrisy, and judging by his reaction, Chamblee is one of those.

"After stepping away from the game years ago due to injury, I'm happy to officially announce my return to the world of professional golf.

It's been a long time coming and I'm very grateful for all the highs, lows and lessons learned from the first part of my career.

I want to compete with the best players in the world, and I'm on a mission to prove to myself that I can win again."- Anthony Kim said.

Greg Norman then emphasized that he is happy about the return of such a golfer, considering that this kind of presence was missing from the world of golf. The 12-year hiatus was quite long, but Kim has shown that it is never too late to return to the sport you love.

Antony Kim's social media posts show that conflicts and disagreements still exist in the world of golf, which will take time to resolve. Although the situation is significantly better than it was at the inception of LIV Golf, things are far from ideal at the moment.

While Kim didn't directly speak about the merger, his hopes likely lie in everyone playing under one roof again, and for the PGA Tour and PIF to finally reach an agreement that has been talked about for months.

Chamblee is one of those who believe that the future will be brighter with the merger.

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