Rory McIlroy Aims for Victory at Wells Fargo Championship

McIlroy has no intention of giving up and is ready to clinch victory

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy Aims for Victory at Wells Fargo Championship
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Rory McIlroy has high expectations for himself in the Wells Fargo Championship. The Northern Irishman is currently in second place, tied with Jason Day at seven-under-par. Leading at the moment is Xander Schauffele, who is at eleven-under.

Schauffele has entered the tournament with serious intent to make a significant impact. McIlroy aimed to carry over his good form from the Zurich Classic, and it must be acknowledged that he has played a solid tournament so far.

McIlroy has no intention of giving up and is ready to clinch victory, aware that he faces a tough task ahead.

After completing his round, McIlroy reflected on his performance, describing it as another solid day on the course. Despite feeling he could have capitalized on a few more opportunities, he recognized the value of a bogey-free round. McIlroy emphasized his satisfaction with his overall play over the past two days, positioning himself well for the upcoming weekend.

Regarding the course conditions and the challenge posed by Schauffele's lead, McIlroy remained optimistic. He mentioned the potential for low scores on the course and highlighted the differences in play compared to previous years. Despite these changes, McIlroy expressed confidence in his ability to make birdies and compete for victory.

What is noticeable is that McIlroy is progressing week by week. The 34-year-old golfer didn't allow a poor performance at Augusta National to deter him. Despite everything, he decided to push even harder with optimism that he can achieve great results. Although the biggest focus is on the Masters and there is immense pressure on McIlroy, the Northern Irishman doesn't want to dwell on it, considering that many challenges lie ahead of him.

Despite struggling in the putting category, where he has a negative strokes gained value, McIlroy's overall game is strong. He currently ranks third in strokes gained off the tee and fourth in strokes gained approach.

After the Players Championship, Rory admitted that he once again visited Butch Harmon to gain valuable insights for the future. What's impressive about McIlroy is his desire to progress day by day, willing to do whatever it takes to take that extra step. 

Harmon is someone from whom much can be learned, so the combination of seeking advice from him, hard work, and much more has contributed to McIlroy's progress in various aspects of his game. Most importantly for him is feeling good and being satisfied with his performance. That's the first step to success and great results.

“After THE PLAYERS I went to see Butch for that day just to sort of get a couple of ideas. I think just the combination of going to see Butch, getting a couple of ideas from him, working hard at it, sort of trying to rekindle some feelings that I’ve had in the past, it all sort of started to click or come together in New Orleans. I felt like I played very well there over the weekend. These two days have just been a continuation of that."- Rory McIlroy said, as quoted by Irish Golfer.

Butch Harmon
Butch Harmon© Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport

McIlroy explained that he's been focusing on supporting the club better with his right arm and syncing up his turn through impact. He emphasized the importance of getting his right hip and right shoulder moving together through impact to prevent his lower body from stopping while his upper body keeps going, which can lead to errant shots. 

So, his main thoughts revolve around improving his right arm's role and ensuring smooth rotation through impact.

There are many aspects of his game that McIlroy wants to work on in the coming period, aware that he must give his all to achieve his goals.

Rory McIlroy and PGA Tour Policy Board: What happened and what can we expect?

Rory McIlroy has been a hot topic in golf media for several days now, as the 34-year-old golfer won't return to the PGA Tour Policy Board. Despite seeming like he would return to his former position, dissatisfaction among his peers about his comeback is one reason McIlroy decided to change his mind.

However, what's important is that Rory will be part of the PGA Tour Enterprises' Transaction Subcommittee alongside golfing superstar Tiger Woods and Adam Scott.

The Northern Irishman intends to be involved in negotiations between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, but in a completely different capacity. He'll have a chance to influence the talks, hoping both sides will be open to an agreement, and that we'll see a unified two Tours in the future.

McIlroy has always attracted immense attention, given that he's a golfer whose voice carries significant weight. Tiger Woods is also one of the golfers who has an important influence in the world of golf.

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