16-Year-Old PGA Debutant Reflects on Memorable Experience with Jordan Spieth in 2018

Jordan Spieth is a golfer whom he admired as a boy

by Sead Dedovic
16-Year-Old PGA Debutant Reflects on Memorable Experience with Jordan Spieth in 2018
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Sixteen-year-old Blades Brown is a name many golf fans should remember, as he is a golfer expected to achieve great things in the future. Despite being only 16 years old, Brown has already impressed everyone with his performances, making his debut at the Myrtle Beach Classic this weekend. It's particularly impressive that this young golfer made the cut in his debut, heralding great things in the future. 

Being popular at 16 and building a career at such a young age is not an easy feat, especially when surrounded by much older colleagues and under immense scrutiny. Nevertheless, this young golfer recalled one situation in which a fan asked for his autograph, but in a unique way.

"He took off his hat and was like, have you ever signed a forehead before? I was like, no. I thought he was kidding, but I've signed like four shoes, so I'm keeping tally. But everything is awesome."- Brown said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Just like any golfer starting their career, Brown also had his idols to look up to. One of the golfers he particularly respects is Jordan Spieth. This young golfer recalled a situation with Jordan Spieth when he was a child, which was a very important experience for him.

"I'm trying to act the way that Jordan Spieth did to me that one time just because I know it's so little for me to do that to some little kid, but I know to that kid it means the world because that's what it was like for me."- Brown said.

Brown revealed that it all happened back in 2018, during the Masters practice round, when Spieth approached him, asking for his name. While this may seem like a small thing to many, for this 16-year-old, it was a moment he will remember for the rest of his life. It's clear that his aspiration is to become as good a golfer as Spieth and build a career at least resembling his.

"That was the 2018 Masters practice round. It was the tee shot on 18. He bent down, talked to me, asked my name, made me feel like I was his friend. That's the gift of influence.

For him, that was just saying 'hi' to a little kid, but to me, for a person of his caliber and his decoration, it meant the world."- he continued.

Jordan Spieth
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Brown wants to approach the upcoming tournaments with a special mindset, not seeing other golfers as his idols, but rather focusing on how to beat them and showcase his best golf. Brown admitted that there is one golfer he would love to meet, but the words of his caddie have somewhat changed this golfer's mindset.

Brown explained that he initially wanted an autograph from Joel Dahmen because he had seen him on Netflix. However, his caddie, Jack, advised him against collecting signatures, suggesting instead that he should aim to build friendships with fellow golfers. Brown adopted this mindset going into the tournament, emphasizing the value of camaraderie over autographs. He mentioned that although he hasn't greeted Dahmen yet, he plans to do so in the future.

Blades Brown and parental support

Brown's father, Parke Brown, couldn't hide his emotions after his son's remarkable achievement, shooting a 4-under 67 and making the cut. His father's words reflect the pride of the entire family. Brown shared an especially emotional story, admitting that he battled leukemia, with doctors giving him only a year to live. Being part of such a moment is a special experience for any father, including Brown's.

"A year and a half ago, I had a year left to live. I'd been diagnosed with leukemia and we've been through a lot as a family. ... The Lord gave me some more time. Special."-Parke Brown said.

Blades' mother, Rhonda Blades Brown expressed her belief that her son thrives in moments of pressure and visibility. She sees him as someone who excels when the stakes are high, drawing parallels to her own ability to remain focused in crowded stadiums during her basketball career. 

Rhonda feels that Blades inherited his composed demeanor and name from her. Despite not being skilled at golf herself, she attributes these traits to her son.

Having the support of family and loved ones is definitely a great thing and the first step towards success. This young golfer has massive support from everyone, which gives him additional motivation to showcase his best and impress everyone. Blades is a golfer with high expectations placed on him. It's not easy to deal with pressure, but it's impressive how mature he is for his age.

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