Phil Mickelson: Golf was broken and is in the process of being fixed

Mickelson is frustrated by the reactions of individuals to the emergence of LIV Golf

by Sead Dedovic
Phil Mickelson: Golf was broken and is in the process of being fixed
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Phil Mickelson is excited about the future of golf, believing that great things lie ahead. While debates have arisen since the inception of LIV Golf regarding how beneficial it actually is, there are those who see potential in the project with all its innovations. 

Judging by reactions on social media, it feels like LIV Golf has considerably more detractors than supporters. 

Phil Mickelson is one of the first to join LIV Golf, despite having been part of the PGA Tour for years and achieving his greatest successes there. 

When such an experienced figure decides to leave the PGA Tour and embark on this path, it's clear it will provoke frustration and anger among fans. 

However, Mickelson isn't the type of golfer who is particularly bothered by such reactions. Through social media, this exceptional golfer has sent a clear message to those who believe golf is broken with the emergence of LIV Golf. Mickelson acknowledges that there's truth to it (golf being broken) but considers that golf is recovering with the advent of LIV Golf.

"Golf was broken and is in the process of being fixed," -Mickelson tweeted.

The 53-year-old golfer stresses that the average viewer of the PGA Tour is 65 years old. Frankly, it must be admitted that there is a lot of truth in Mickelson's words. Golf leaders have repeatedly emphasized the importance of attracting younger golf fans to sustain the sport, considering the trend of an increasingly older population following golf each year. Generally speaking, younger generations are losing interest in sports, including golf. The intentions of key figures in LIV Golf are to attract younger viewers, aiming to involve them in the project as spectators.

"1) average age of pga tour viewer recently went from 60 to 65."- he continued.

The second point Mickelson addressed is the globalization of the sport. A member of the PGA Tour and one of its key figures, Rory McIlroy, shares this opinion. Not only Mickelson and McIlroy but also a large number of golfers share this view. Playing tournaments outside the US has proven to be a great thing, especially when it comes to LIV Golf. The tournament in Adelaide, Australia, is the best evidence of this. Golf fans in Australia have emphasized how much they missed watching golf on Australian soil. The intention of the leaders of this Tour is to continue playing tournaments around the world in the future, thus expanding interest in golf on all continents and in every corner of our planet.

"2) totally US centric and no plan to globalize opportunities." -Mickelson wrote, disappointed with the PGA Tour's policy regarding globalization

Phil Mickelson
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And the last point is media rights control, which doesn't allow players' promotion through YouTube. LIV Golf leaders want their brand to become global, as we've already mentioned, promoting themselves in every way. The intentions are to work on the marketing aspect, advance as a Tour, and become the Tour that will lead the way in the world of golf. Mickelson is not happy with the way the PGA Tour operates and the way they limit golfers when it comes to promotion.

"3) monopolistic control of media rights wouldn’t allow for players to use YouTube and other social platforms to promote the game to the next generation and working from within the Tour wasn’t an option."

Ultimately, Mickelson didn't forget to mention the controversial Bryson DeChambeau, who week after week sparks reactions with his controversial statements. DeChambeau is the kind of golfer who isn't afraid of anyone, who clearly expresses his views, which sometimes provokes anger among many. However, Bryson is a golfer who has plenty of fans, happy that he openly discusses issues.

"Ie Bryson [DeChambeau]. What he’s doing now wasn’t allowed before LIV. Fixing the problem takes time but it’s better than waiting for it to collapse entirely."- he concluded.

Phil Mickelson doesn't want to remain silent to golf fans' criticisms

Judging by his tweet, Mickelson couldn't stand any more callouts from golf fans directed towards LIV Golf. Phil, much like DeChambeau, doesn't want to turn a deaf ear to various statements, ready to defend the interests of LIV Golf, firmly believing it's the right project. It's hard to conclude whether Mickelson had conflicts within the PGA Tour or if money was the primary reason for his departure. His statements give the impression that Phil didn't have an ideal relationship with PGA Tour executives.

The American is happy to be part of LIV Golf, which could soon merge with the PGA Tour. There's increasing talk of such an option, and it would be interesting to see Mickelson's reaction to the merger.

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