How Brooks Koepka's Coach Keeps Him Motivated for Majors?

Pete Cowen knows how to motivate Koepka in the best way

by Sead Dedovic
How Brooks Koepka's Coach Keeps Him Motivated for Majors?
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The PGA Championship could bring a lot of excitement this year, and several names are emerging as the main favorites to win this Major. Winning this Major is certainly the dream of many golfers who believe they have a great chance for such an achievement. 

Brooks Koepka will surely be one of the most interesting names, considering he is the defending champion. The performance of this brilliant golfer at the Masters this year was not particularly impressive, so some doubt his chances when it comes to the PGA.

Koepka is a golfer who, despite everything that's happening, has no intention of embracing negativity, believing in his abilities. From the beginning of his career, Brooks has had a special mindset, but he's not the only one responsible for it.

His coach, Pete Cowen, revealed in an interview for Telegraph Sport how he motivates Koepka to become better. It turns out that such methods have brought success for this duo before.

I gave him one of my old-fashioned * when he was moaning to me about his putting. I told him to stop whinging and to just get to work on the issue. Again, that’s the sort of thing that triggers him. I gave him a * before he won his first Major (the US Open) seven years ago."- Cowen said.

Cowen is a coach of the old school, ready to motivate players in various ways. In every golfer's career, there inevitably come periods when things don't go as well as hoped. These are precisely the moments when it's necessary to work the hardest and give your best. 

Pete Cowen and Brooks Koepka
Pete Cowen and Brooks Koepka© Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport

Cowen decided to instill such a mindset in the players he trains, including Brooks Koepka. 

He's pleased that Brooks has implemented his advice and improved various aspects of his game. Cowen believes that Koepka can achieve great results at the PGA Championship, expecting him to equal and even break many records now and in the future. This experienced coach anticipates that despite everything, some will continue to criticize and belittle Koepka's successes.

“He’s put in the hours and turned it around on the greens since then and with Valhalla being a big boys’ course, I can see him, at the very least, contending. If he wins, he’ll join (Sir Nick) Faldo and (Phil) Mickelson on six Majors and at his age that would be exciting. They’d probably still go on under-rating him, though.”- he continued.

Brooks Koepka and his ambitions

Koepka, a golfer who has clinched 5 Major titles in his career, is now 34 years old, with expectations high for him to continue his success in the coming years and add to his Major tally. Particularly motivating for him in the PGA Championship is his track record in this Major. Winning the PGA Championship in 2018, 2019, and 2023 provides ample reason to believe he can replicate his success this year as well. Koepka has reiterated multiple times that his primary career goal is winning Majors.

Koepka expressed his future ambitions, emphasizing the importance of Major tournaments in defining a golfer's legacy. He believes that a player's greatness is often measured by their success in Majors, citing Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus as prime examples. With five Major titles already under his belt, Koepka aims to reach double figures, setting his sights on winning 10 or even 12 Majors, considering it a realistic goal in his career trajectory.

The brilliant American emphasizes that if he wins two more, he will place himself in the top 10 for Major victories, considering it a huge motivation for the future. 

The golfer with the most Majors is Jack Nicklaus, with 18 Majors to his name. From 1962 to 1986, this legendary golfer left a significant mark and made history in the sport. 

In second place is the well-known Tiger Woods, with 15 Majors. Many expected Woods to have surpassed Nicklaus's record long ago, but the accidents Woods faced prevented him from achieving such a feat, leaving the question of whether he will do so unanswered. 

Following on the lists are mostly golfers who played in the earlier eras of golf. 

Brooks Koepka can be pleased to be listed among such legends, and by winning two more Majors, he would undoubtedly create great excitement in the golf scene and potentially raise even higher expectations for himself. It will be interesting to see if this 34-year-old American can achieve such success and reaffirm his qualities once again.

In just four days, we'll have the opportunity to see who will perform best in this competition, and Koepka will certainly be one of the top contenders for winning this Major.

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