Rory McIlroy on Wells Fargo Victory and Expectations for PGA Championship

Although he hasn't won a Major since then, McIlroy believes he is now a better golfer than he was back then

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy on Wells Fargo Victory and Expectations for PGA Championship
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Even before the Wells Fargo Championship began, Rory McIlroy emphasized his ambition to win the competition. Seven days later, Northern Ireland succeeded in what he set out to do. 

McIlroy managed to achieve a five-shot victory over his opponent Xander Schauffele, who had the lead. 

After two eagles and two birdies, things became quite clear. 

McIlroy has been working hard on his game, and after a great performance at the Zurich Classic, he carried his form to Quail Hollow. This marks Rory's 26th victory on the PGA Tour, a huge motivation ahead of a major career challenge: the PGA Championship. 

In a media interview, the 35-year-old golfer commented on his win, pleased with the form he has shown for years on this golf course. Having played in this tournament for many years, Rory feels that individuals could have followed his growth and progress over the years.

"I just went on a run that just, for whatever reason, I am able to go on at this golf course," said McIlroy, as quoted by Sky Sports.

"Quail Hollow has in general been really good to me over my career and this is just another great day to add to them.

I feel like these people have watched me grow up. From winning here as a 20-year-old to the ripe old age of 35 now.

They have seen my progression throughout my career and it is one of my favourite stops of the year."

Rory McIlroy is the most successful golfer when it comes to this tournament, which has been played since 2003. The Northern Irishman has managed to win the title on four occasions: in 2010, 2015, 2021, and 2024. As for this tournament, the closest to him is Max Homa, who has triumphed twice at the Wells Fargo Championship, in 2019 and 2022.

The 35-year-old hopes to make a comeback and see how many more trophies he can win here. He particularly put an accent on the Zurich Classic, where he secured a victory alongside Shane Lowry. Playing this weekend, he carried over his good form and momentum, feeling great about his game. 

Although he feels that things are gradually improving, McIlroy doesn't want to get too ahead of himself, considering the tough challenge ahead in the form of the PGA Championship. There are many quality golfers in this Major. However, the Northern Irishman fears no one, hoping he can finally win one of the Majors after a 10-year drought.

McIlroy, speaking about the PGA Championship, recalled his last victory in 2014. Although he hasn't won a Major since then, McIlroy believes he is now a better golfer than he was back then. Rory was a young golfer at that time, under much less pressure than he is now. 

He is probably the best example of a golfer who struggles to perform under immense pressure. However, McIlroy will have to lift the curse off himself sooner or later, and his first chance to do so will be at the PGA Championship.

"I've been sort of banging this drum for the last few years, but I'm a way better player now than I was back then," -McIlroy said.

"I haven't had the major record to back that up, but I've had the wins, I've done everything else there is to do in the game since 2014."- he continued.

Rory McIlroy holds the trophy intended for the winner of the 2014 PGA Championship
Rory McIlroy holds the trophy intended for the winner of the 2014 PGA Championship© Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport

The winner of the Wells Fargo Championship is focused on winning another Major, considering that the last victory is a huge boost for him heading into the PGA Championship.

PGA Tour Policy Board return

During his performance at the Wells Fargo Championship, there was much talk about his return to the PGA Tour Policy Board. The amazing 35-year-old confirmed that he had considered it during his appearance, but he didn't let such a situation affect him. 

He realized he had to step onto the golf course and show his best during the day, ignoring everything happening around him. 

McIlroy wasn't particularly concerned about such matters, emphasizing that he had performed before amid various events and still delivered excellent performances. The Northern Irishman refuses to let anything distract him or shift his focus from winning trophies.

Rory admitted that he has always had such a mindset that when he steps onto the golf course, he is focused on success rather than on events around him.

"I don't know if I need that just to, when I get on the course, really focus on what I'm doing out there, but it seems to work."-Rory concluded.

This year's PGA Championship will be held from May 16 to 19 at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky. The last winner of this competition is Brooks Koepka, who enters this year's PGA Championship with the same ambitions.

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