Michael Block: Last 12 Months, a Dream Since PGA Championship Surprise

"I've been places and played golf with people I’d never have dreamed of."

by Sead Dedovic
Michael Block: Last 12 Months, a Dream Since PGA Championship Surprise
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Michael Block is well known to golf fans, especially those who had the opportunity to watch the PGA Championship last year. As a 46-year-old, Block finished 15th at the PGA Championship last year, which was also the best result for a club professional in decades. 

In a media interview, Block reflected on the past 12 dreamlike months. Achieving such a feat at an older age is not something you expect. However, this club professional never doubted his abilities for a moment. 

Block emphasized the fact that he will turn 48 next month, believing that if he had done the same thing in the earlier stages of his career, he would have had a completely different reaction. Now, at this stage of his life, he is aware of his capabilities and what he can actually achieve.

"The last 12 months have been a dream," he said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

"I've been places and played golf with people I’d never have dreamed of.

I’m 48 years old next month and I’ve been able to enjoy every moment of it. If this had happened to me when I was 26, I would have treated it so differently. I'd have kidded myself into thinking I'm going to go on Tour and do this all the time."

Due to his return to this competition, Block wants to enjoy the momentum but also points out that this is a feat he will enjoy for the rest of his life.

"At this age, I realise it for what it is. I’ve just gone with it and said yes to everything -  I’m going to enjoy it for however long it lasts."

Michael Block
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Michael was the subject of social media discussion due to interesting comments where he emphasized that if he had McIlroy's distance, he would be one of the best players in the world. Such a statement did not elicit particularly positive reactions, although Block did not have bad intentions. Golf fans often take such or similar statements seriously, ready to criticize. 

Block, on the other hand, has no intention of focusing on such comments, although initially it was not easy for him to face the criticism that came his way. His intentions are to inspire children and others to play this sport and to understand that nothing is impossible.

"Social media is a whole bunch of *. I wish I didn’t have to use it and at the beginning, it hurt me to see the things people said about me. But now I just feel really bad for those people.

I just try to make as many people play golf and love the game as much as I do and hopefully we can inspire some more people out in Louisville this week."- he continued.

Block wasn't particularly impressive after last year's PGA Championship, making the cut in only one event thereafter. The 47-year-old reflected on what's important to do when you're over a shot.

Block emphasizes the importance of recalling past successful shots in golf, especially when faced with a similar situation on the course. 

Reflecting on his experience at Oak Hill, he plans to apply the lessons learned to his upcoming tournament at Valhalla. While he doesn't anticipate identical outcomes, he aims to make the cut and enjoy the game. 

This experienced club professional and golfer is aware that fierce competition awaits him, with a lot of golfers hungry for success this year, taking their task much more seriously than last year. There are many favorites when it comes to this tournament, so Block will have to give his best if he wants to surprise golf fans once again

He expresses affection for Valhalla, stressing its suitability for his game and his ability to read the greens effectively. With favorable circumstances aligning, including his current form and love for the city of Louisville, Block remains optimistic about his performance but admits the unpredictability of golf.

Michael Block spoke about a colleague who could achieve success

Block also spoke about his colleagues, and club professionals, believing that someone among them has the potential to do great things. According to Block's comments, one of them is Ben Polland, whom he considers a stellar golfer. Michael expects Ben to be the individual who will surprise this time. His expectations are that one of these 20 individuals will achieve a remarkable result and recreate what he did last year. Block is someone who hopes that someone else can fulfill their dream, just as he did last year.

Ben Polland
Ben Polland© Gregory Shamus/Getty Images Sport

In a few days, on May 16th, we will have the opportunity to watch the 2024 PGA Championship. It will last for three days, and we hope for a true spectacle and a great atmosphere. Fans are already eagerly awaiting the start of this Major, believing that this year will bring many great things like never before.

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