Sky Sports Commentator Ewen Murray on Golfer Whose Character Hinders Success

Ewen Murray is someone who expects much more from the 31-year-old golfer

by Sead Dedovic
Sky Sports Commentator Ewen Murray on Golfer Whose Character Hinders Success
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Tyrrell Hatton is one of the more intriguing names in the world of golf. The 32-year-old Briton has been attracting attention since the first day of his career, placing huge expectations on himself. However, looking at his career, it seems that he hasn't fulfilled his potential, at least not yet. 

Analysts and experts from the golf world have different opinions about Hatton and his abilities, and particularly interesting comments came from Sky Sports golf commentator Ewen Murray

In a conversation with Express Sport, he went so far as to call this 32-year-old one of the best golfers in the world. On the other hand, while acknowledging Tyrrell's quality, Murray believes that Hatton himself is actually his biggest problem.

"I think Tyrrell is one of the best players in the world.

There's a player there that has no weaknesses golf-wise. But I don't know if we're ever going to see how good Tyrrell can be because he gets in his own way."- he told Express.

Murray emphasizes that when playing at the top level, you must have a special mindset. Hatton is a unique type of player, whose character is evidently the biggest obstacle for him to achieve success. Although the Sky Sports commentator highlights the successes he has achieved in his career, the fact is that Hatton can achieve much more.

"I don't think you can perform at the very top level and be as volatile as he can be at times. He's won big tournaments and won them well, like the PGA Championship at Wentworth, the Dunhill Links, and the six-way play-off he won in Turkey under the floodlights."- he continued.

Tyrrell Hatton and Jon Rahm
Tyrrell Hatton and Jon Rahm© Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images Sport

Hatton isn't the only golfer who has struggled with his character and impulsiveness. Many golfers have behaved similarly, ultimately costing them success in major tournaments. Great stars often strive to maintain a special mindset during sports, avoiding overreactions. Depending on the individual's specific characteristics, such approaches usually produce positive results.

This is one reason why many consider all sports, not just golf, to be more about mental gameplay than physical prowess. Let's recall the stars of this sport and how they played under pressure and when things weren't going their way.

Murray expresses his disappointment with Hatton's weaknesses in other areas. He suggests that if you were to diminish some aspects of Hatton's game, you might only have half the golfer. However, Murray believes the unnecessary controversies surrounding Hatton's behavior, particularly online and on social media, are unnecessary. He acknowledges that personal changes can sometimes affect a player's performance, but he stresses that Hatton's actions are not essential for success.

Tyrrell Hatton's potential is undeniable, according to Sky Sports golf commentator Ewen Murray. Murray thinks that if Hatton could eliminate distractions and only concentrate on his golf, he could challenge the best players in the world. Murray admires Hatton's consistency and technical prowess, mentioning his skills as a driver and iron player, as well as his ability to make crucial putts under pressure. However, Murray acknowledges that personal issues are currently holding Hatton back from fully realizing his potential.

Tyrrell Hatton surprised many by signing for LIV Golf

Tyrrell Hatton's decision to join LIV Golf didn't produce particularly positive reactions, considering that the Englishman embarked on a path that many were dissatisfied with. Despite all the criticism and reactions he could have expected, Hatton accepted LIV Golf's offer and opened a new chapter in his career. Although he was frustrated by individuals' reactions, Hatton remained firm in his decision and stood by it.

There's a chance that the entire story surrounding the merger, as well as Jon Rahm's decision to join LIV Golf, eased any potential dilemmas Hatton may have had. 

Hatton had been linked with this Saudi Arabia-backed Tour for months before signing. Many denied week after week that it would happen until Hatton officially confirmed his decision at the end of January this year. 

Rumors about his future and whether the Englishman would have the right to compete in the Ryder Cup at Bethpage Black next year began circulating then. The 32-year-old is an important asset for the European team, but he has now complicated his future. However, statements from the DP World Tour chief a few weeks ago suggest that Hatton could still play, albeit with financial penalties.

It will be interesting to follow the future of this Englishman, as well as other LIV Golfers, who could potentially play in the Ryder Cup. For now, the only hope for many is the merger, as negotiations between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour are still ongoing. This is likely the only way for individuals to compete in this tournament.