Scottie Scheffler after the birth of his son: It was challenging leaving the house

"I’m committed to playing this week, I’m excited to be out here competing."

by Sead Dedovic
Scottie Scheffler after the birth of his son: It was challenging leaving the house
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For several weeks now, Scottie Scheffler has been anticipating the birth of his son, and how important it is to him has been evident even during the Masters, where Scheffler emphasized several times how difficult it was to stay focused on the game under such circumstances. Despite Scheffler's victory at this Major, the brilliant American was thinking of his wife, awaiting their child. 

Scheffler announced the birth of his son, Bennett, who was born on May 8th. In a conversation with Golf Channel, Scottie spoke as a father about the feelings he had after the birth of his son. It seems that the American has trouble explaining the emotions he feels, but he emphasized that it's an amazing feeling. Right from the start, he decided to joke around;

"If anybody has got any diaper advice, I could use it," Scottie Scheffler told Golf Channel, as quoted by BBC.

"I had high expectations of what that would feel like [to be a dad] and those were far exceeded. I thought it would be pretty great and it's a pretty amazing feeling."

Scottie Scheffler will be competing in the upcoming Major, the PGA Championship, in a few days. After his fantastic victory at the Masters and what followed, many consider Scottie the main favorite once again. The 27-year-old American intends to meet the fans' expectations and deliver what they anticipate. 

After a three-week break, it certainly won't be easy for him, but Scheffler's qualities will surely shine through even without special practice. Although he mentioned that the break lasted longer than expected, Scheffler doesn't mind, considering the emotions he felt after becoming a father.

"It took a little longer than anticipated for him to come, but I was able to get some good prep work in. Obviously, not my usual stuff with him being born in the middle of last week; I took a more significant break than I would have, but I wouldn't trade it for anything."- he continued.

Scottie further emphasized that it was wonderful to come home and spend some time with the child and Meredith, and to be with the family. Scheffler pointed out that these are moments he surely won't forget. Scheffler has plenty of reasons to be happy, and it's certain that he will enter the PGA Championship with immense optimism and hope to achieve positive results.

In explaining how he stays focused on achieving more trophy success, Scheffler highlighted the importance of mental presence and commitment to each shot. He emphasized the need to focus on the process rather than worrying about the outcomes, aiming to execute each shot to the best of his ability. Additionally, Scheffler mentioned the importance of thorough preparation for every event, expressing confidence in his readiness and eagerness to compete.

In addition to possessing top-notch qualities, Scheffler is also a golfer who pays attention to every detail in his career. This is one of the reasons why he currently stands out from his competition, confirming that he is currently many steps ahead of others. The American intends to approach future tournaments with the same mentality, ready to offer what he has done so far. Judging by the odds and the forecasts of many, Scottie will be the main favorite.

Scottie Scheffler
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Although he had a longer break, which has made some skeptical, most still believe that it won't take a toll on him, considering that a couple of weeks' absence cannot diminish his qualities.

Scottie Scheffer: It's not easy to leave home

Leaving the family and home just a few days after his son was born is not an easy thing, but Scheffler is aware that he immediately needs to shift focus to the game and upcoming challenges. That's actually the life of an athlete. Sometimes you have to distance yourself from family and focus on obligations beyond everything else. Scheffler is focused on showing his best. The 27-year-old golfer also commented on the weather forecast for the next few days, aware that he had to show up today to do practice.

“It was fairly challenging leaving the house this morning, but I’m here, I’m committed to playing this week, I’m excited to be out here competing. I told my little man when I was leaving, ‘I don’t want to leave but I gotta leave’.

With the weather forecast the next couple of days, I knew I had to turn up today to get some practice in. It would have been challenging if I left on Wednesday night and it was definitely challenging this morning."

The PGA Championship will start in a few days, and the focus of most is to go all the way. There are several favorites at the moment. Scottie Scheffler is the main favorite according to the odds, followed by Rory McIlroy

Brooks Koepka is in third place. 

In addition to them, there are also special players like Jon Rahm, Xander Schauffele, and Ludvig Aberg. It will be interesting to see which of these golfers can lift the trophy.

Scottie Scheffler