Golfer Max Homa Rebuts Online Criticism: Golf Is Better Than Portrayed

Homa is frustrated with online criticism when it comes to golf

by Sead Dedovic
Golfer Max Homa Rebuts Online Criticism: Golf Is Better Than Portrayed
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In recent months, it can be felt how important figures from the world of golf are putting emphasis on fans, believing that it is necessary to improve golf and resolve problems to make fans happy. Many golfers in their statements emphasize that fans are drifting away from golf, and if this situation continues, golf could lose many fans. 

However, not everyone shares the same view. 

There are those who believe that the situation is not as chaotic as it is portrayed, believing that golf is currently in a good position. One of them is Max Homa. The 33-year-old American spoke about the merger and negotiations ahead of the PGA Championship. 

Max believes that social media and the internet portray the situation much worse than it actually is. This brilliant golfer emphasizes that the internet is not an accurate representation of the situation in the golf scene.

“I do feel like the internet probably makes it seem worse than it really is. It's a very small community, and they're incredibly loud. So I think if you spend a lot of time on the internet, it does feel like professional golf is crumbling.”- Homa said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

The 33-year-old golfer reflected on recent tournaments where it could be felt that golf has maintained its quality and even progressed. He still considers it amazing to compete in tournaments, mentioning Quail Hollow and Bay Hill. Playing in these two popular tournaments, Homa emphasized that he didn't feel any different. He believes that golf still possesses its qualities.

The popular golfer emphasized that it's somewhat strange to observe the situation in the golf scene and individuals' reactions. Homa points out that he understands individuals who have a different stance and acknowledges their concerns. He admitted that it's very troubling.

Since the arrival of LIV Golf, there has been constant talk about money, financial offers, and contracts that individuals have. With its arrival, LIV Golf shifted the focus from the game to money. A large number of fans are mainly focused on the figures being generated at tournaments, on individuals' contracts, and on many money-related matters. This is a frustrating fact for all golfers, including Homa.

He expressed his dissatisfaction, mentioning concern about the direction golf is taking. Max commented on how exhausting it must be for casual golf fans right now and questioned the appeal of discussing the business aspect of the sport. As a fan of other sports, he doesn't find interest in the business activities of teams like the Lakers and Dodgers.

Max Homa on board stories

One of the main topics in the past few days has been Rory McIlroy and the story of his return to the PGA Tour Policy Board. After the Northern Irishman decided to leave the same position in November, it was now open for a return, given that the PGA Tour needed him as an important figure in the golf world. 

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy© Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images Sport

Despite his openness to return, it seems that his colleagues were not open to McIlroy's return. At least that's what Rory claims. 

McIlroy confirmed that it won't happen, emphasizing that individuals are not comfortable with his return. 

Max Homa is someone who believes that such stories should not become a priority, but that the focus should be on the game and the upcoming tournaments. The 33-year-old stresses that when it comes to the merger, there are people from the golf world who will negotiate and make the final decision.

“I hope at some point soon we can just get back to entertaining people and playing golf and seeing who shoots the lowest score and not talking about what our Player Advisory Council is going to do and who - the fans of golf should not know who is on the board."- Max Homa said.

Homa expressed his thoughts on the current state of men's professional golf, suggesting that it might be in a strange situation. He hopes that efforts can be made to encourage more people to play golf, and eventually, those who start playing will also find enjoyment in watching the sport. Despite the complexities surrounding the sport, he remains optimistic that everyone will eventually re-engage with it.

Max Homa's stance differs from that of many of his colleagues. Although he acknowledges the concerns among fans, his intentions are to calm the situation and demonstrate that not everything is as bleak as it may seem. This intriguing golfer hopes for a brighter future for all, aspiring for the future of golf to become brighter, meeting the expectations of both players and fans.

Indeed, let's hope that the future brings better things for everyone.

Max Homa