Max Homa Offers Intriguing Advice to Scottie Scheffler as He Becomes a Father

Homa respects Scheffler and believes that he will do great in his new role.

by Sead Dedovic
Max Homa Offers Intriguing Advice to Scottie Scheffler as He Becomes a Father
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Max Homa spoke about various topics before the start of another PGA Championship, sharing impressions of the golf course, expectations, and much more. However, what caught many people's attention were the interesting questions from reporters. Scottie Scheffler confirmed today the birth of his child, emphasizing that his son was born five days ago. 

Tremendous happiness has entered the Scheffler household, and his excitement could be felt during the press conference. Scheffler considers it the happiest moment of his life, aware that he must now focus on the challenges that lie ahead in golf. 

Max Homa, when asked by a reporter, "What advice would you give to Scottie Scheffler?" had an interesting answer. Homa believes that Scheffler must be kind to his wife and family and enjoy the role of fatherhood.

"Man, be really nice to your wife. Find a thing that you are good at, that you can help as best you can. Watch your back. Dad back is a real thing. But I think, I mean I'm sure he'll just be giving me advice soon because he's so good at everything. Just being really good with your time."

Max Homa's statements suggest that it's sometimes challenging to balance between family and the obligations that golfers have in the world of golf, but it's essential to create a mindset that will ease the job on both fronts. Homa emphasized that when he's on the golf course, his intentions are to focus on the game and the challenge ahead of him. Homa has created such a mindset that allows him to momentarily detach from everything else and give his best at the tournament he's playing.

"I feel like one thing I've gotten good at is, and I have a superstar of a wife, but when I'm at the golf course I feel very much at the golf course. I try to be super efficient. I try to make sure I'm really getting my work in."- Max Homa continued, as quoted by PGA Championship.

Max Homa and Scottie Scheffler
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The 33-year-old golfer emphasizes that even when he's at home with his family, he strives to be the same. His intention then is to dedicate himself to his son, family, and enjoy the moment he's in. Homa is aware that he spends a lot of time away from home playing tournaments, and that his son needs attention. He seeks to make good use of the time with his child.

"Then when I'm home I feel kind of the same. Really, you know, not to make it sound like it's the same, but really efficient when I'm home I feel I'm as present as I possibly can. Really try to soak in all those moments as best I can and give my son as much attention as I can because I know I'm gone most of the day and some weeks."- Homa said.

Max Homa highlights the challenge of mastering time management, especially when striving to be very good in one's profession while also fulfilling familial responsibilities. He recognizes the difficulty of balancing the goal of greatness in golf with the desire to be a devoted father and role model for his son. Homa suggests that finding a great plan for time management is key to achieving fulfillment in both areas of life. He expresses confidence that Scottie Scheffler will navigate this balance successfully.

Max Homa on Scottie Scheffler's form

Homa reflected on Scheffler's recent successes, acknowledging that, based on his current form, Scheffler is far ahead of his competition. Homa finds Scheffler's performances motivating for himself. He sees it as fantastic to witness a golfer like Scottie fighting for major trophies, giving his all, and believing he can always give more. 

Homa emphasizes the necessity of pushing yourself and maintaining self-belief, even when things aren't going perfectly. 

Many golfers have surpassed their potential by achieving great things in the golfing world. Scheffler is an example of a golfer who never gave up, even when things weren't going ideally. Scottie has expressed his desire to enjoy such moments, believing that an even more promising future lies ahead.

"Sometimes it's pretty cool to see somebody kind of push the limit on what you thought was possible. I did not think you could hit a golf ball this well this long. I did not know that was possible."- he said. 

The PGA Championship will determine whether Scheffler can sustain his impressive form and once again conquer his competition. If he truly succeeds, then it will be incredibly challenging to stop him. This amazing golfer continues to impress everyone, and he has no intention of slowing down.

Max Homa Scottie Scheffler