Rory McIlroy Officially Files for Divorce from Erica Stoll

Rory McIlroy and his wife met twelve years ago when Rory was playing in the Ryder Cup

by Sead Dedovic
Rory McIlroy Officially Files for Divorce from Erica Stoll
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After all the sagas surrounding Rory McIlroy, his future, and the potential return to the PGA Tour Policy Board, this time comes some different news. The Northern Irishman and his wife Erica Stoll have filed for divorce after the brilliant Rory emphasized that their marriage was 'irretrievably broken'.

Judging by the headlines, McIlroy is the one who filed for divorce. Nevertheless, McIlroy and his family want this period to pass peacefully, with the hope that the media and everyone else will respect their privacy in these difficult times.

Rory has still not publicly and openly discussed what is happening, but we have no doubt that the Northern Irishman will speak out in a few days. Judging by everything, his focus is currently on giving his best at the PGA Championship, but many are questioning how this divorce will affect him.

Rory McIlroy and his wife met twelve years ago when Rory was playing in the Ryder Cup. Stoll was the manager of the Championship Volunteer Operations for the PGA at that time.

Rory revealed after some time a sympathetic anecdote, confirming that Stoll was the one who helped him not oversleep and miss his tee time by bringing a police escort to the golf club. This couple started their relationship a year later, after which they got married in 2017. Three years later, they had a daughter, Poppy.

Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland celebrates with his wife Erica and daughter Poppy
Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland celebrates with his wife Erica and daughter Poppy© Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport

35 year-old has always strived to draw a parallel between his private and professional life, rarely speaking about his marriage with his now, ex-wife.

Erica Stoll's biography: Huge love for tennis and golf

Otherwise, for those who don't know much about Rory's ex-wife; Stoll was born in New York and from an early age fostered a love for sports. Even as a little girl, it could be felt that she would embark on a path in sports, and tennis was her first love, playing it even in her school days. 

However, upon completing high school, Stoll realized she wanted to pursue a college education, enrolling at the Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in marketing. She graduated in 2008. 

Interestingly, Stoll worked for the PGA as we've already discussed. Besides her love for tennis, she had a tremendous passion for golf and always dreamed of one day being part of this Tour in some capacity. Stoll confirmed that she enjoys working in such a role.

Rory McIlroy, in an interview for Golf Channel, spoke about how he met his wife. Erica was at transportation and was always at the car park. McIlroy emphasized that when he thinks about such moments, special memories come to mind. It seems that destiny brought the two of them together.

"Erica that week was always the one that was checking us in and out. She was there at transportation, so she was always in the car park over there. But yeah, it's still cool to look around and think about that week, and obviously everything that's happened since then. It's pretty cool," he said, as quoted by Golf Channel.

Rory McIlroy on the engagement in Paris 

After ending his engagement to Caroline Wozniacki, Rory McIlroy spent time with Stoll. In 2015, he commented on their relationship, mentioning that he was content with his love life. He mentioned that they preferred to keep their relationship private. Stoll, being from America, influenced his decision to spend time in Palm Beach. McIlroy described their past six or seven months (in 2015) as enjoyable, indicating that this aspect of his life was going well.

In 2015, Rory McIlroy decided to propose to his wife in Paris. After the terrorist attack in the city, the couple had some doubts about whether to proceed with such a trip. However, Rory ultimately decided that it was the best option for them. The popular golfer intended to go elsewhere if the atmosphere wasn't right. Upon arriving there, Rory decided to propose to his then-girlfriend to make their trip even more memorable. 

After they went to dinner, Rory proposed to Stoll. These are memories they will never forget. 

After announcing the engagement, McIlroy stated that he had no intention of specifically discussing his relationship with his fiancée or placing special emphasis on that aspect of his life. Rory confirmed that he was happy and excited.

Their relationship was far from the public eye, so it's difficult to draw a definitive conclusion about the nature of Rory and his wife's relationship. Judging by his divorce filing, things have become chaotic recently, and divorce was the only option.

McIlroy is now focused on giving his best at the Majors, hoping to end the drought that has lasted for 10 years.

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