Aaron Oberholser's Words About Jon Rahm Shocked Many

"This is a guy who wanted a position, or wanted to be heard from what I understand."- Oberholser said.

by Sead Dedovic
Aaron Oberholser's Words About Jon Rahm Shocked Many
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Most LIV Golfers do not have the opportunity to compete in Majors, which is a tough fact to accept. Although they dreamed of being part of the big stage and achieving success, they are still not rewarded with ranking points, and the only option for them is a merger. 

One of the biggest stars of LIV, and a former member of the PGA Tour, Jon Rahm, shared his view on the whole situation at a press conference before another PGA Championship. 

The Spaniard is not happy that some call LIV the 'other side', emphasizing that he is still part of the PGA Tour, despite the suspension. 

Rahm is one of those golfers who seeks to promote optimism, striving for conflict to disappear from the golf scene. The 29-year-old golfer admitted that a facilitating factor for joining LIV Golf was also the fact that the merger story started.

“See, you guys keep saying 'the other side,' but I'm still a PGA Tour member, whether suspended or not. I still want to support the PGA Tour. And I think that's an important distinction to make. I don't feel like I'm on the other side.”- Jon Rahm said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Former PGA Tour pro and Golf Channel analyst Aaron Oberholser is one of those who reacted to Rahm's statements, which, despite the positive tone, did not particularly thrill golf fans and the PGA Tour. Oberholser believes that the Spaniard wanted a completely different role, and after his plans didn't succeed, he decided to join LIV Golf. Jon Rahm uses every moment to raise his voice, trying to calm the situation, but some believe that with such statements, he creates a counter effect.

“He doesn’t get it. To this day, he doesn’t get it. This is a guy who wanted a position, or wanted to be heard from what I understand. Either a board position... policy board. He wanted to be heard on this whole thing before he went to LIV and I feel like it wasn’t as heard as much as you probably should have been, and now I’m glad he wasn’t in that position because he doesn’t get it.”- he continued.

Aaron Oberholser
Aaron Oberholser© Patrick McDermott/Getty Images Sport

Oberholser emphasized that as a PGA Tour player and supporter of the PGA Tour, he does not understand the statements of individuals who obviously do not have the best understanding of the situation in the golf scene. In his statements, it can be inferred how angry he is at those who have decided to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf.

The immense anger he feels was palpable in his subsequent statements, where many believe Aaron was too harsh. The Golf Channel analyst believes that it's disingenuous to speak positively about the PGA Tour after Rahm decided to become part of LIV Golf.

“You took 500 large, and then you’re going to sit there and tell me, oh, you still feel like a PGA Tour player, I want to support the PGA Tour. I want to wring his neck through the television. I’m that mad right now, I’m that mad.”- he concluded.

Oberholser also commented on Jon Rahm's remarks during this year's Masters, where he highlighted that some had a hostile attitude towards him. The Spaniard was not happy with the treatment he received while competing in the tournament he won last year as a member of the PGA Tour. He believes that because of such statements, his colleagues at the PGA Championship should be upset with Rahm.

Jon Rahm on unfriendly attitudes

Jon Rahm mentioned that he has observed some unfriendly attitudes from certain individuals, which he anticipated. He mentioned that while his friends have remained supportive, there have been instances where individuals with whom he previously had good relations have avoided him. Despite expecting such behavior, he didn't anticipate specific individuals showing it.

Although Rahm faced hostility from some, he stressed that it wasn't unexpected, adding that he was unsure of the exact individuals who would show such behavior.

We'll see how the brilliant Spaniard performs at the PGA Championship this time. Jon Rahm has high expectations of himself, believing he is ready to achieve great results at this Major. The PGA Championship is a challenging Major, just like any other, given the presence of many quality golfers there. This is a rare opportunity for LIV Golfers and PGA Tour players to compete on the same golf course.

Rahm isn't among the top three favorites, but knowing his qualities, it's clear that a golfer of his caliber cannot be discounted in any way. It will be interesting to see how he performs.

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