Tommy Fleetwood Enters PGA Championship with New Caddy

Fleetwood wants to do great things at the PGA Championship

by Sead Dedovic
Tommy Fleetwood Enters PGA Championship with New Caddy
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Tommy Fleetwood enters another PGA Championship with immense ambitions and a desire to achieve great results. However, Fleetwood has previously faced a challenge, as his longtime caddie, Ian Finnis, is still in the process of recovering from heart surgery. Fleetwood had to adapt and find an alternative. The choice fell on Ian Poulter's current caddie. 

Despite Finnis's absence at the Masters, Fleetwood achieved an excellent result, finishing T3. Tommy's caddy is currently recovering, and it is expected that he will be able to return to the golf course soon. In an interview with The Telegraph, Finnis revealed some details, confirming that he will likely return to the golf course in July of this year. His words convey optimism.

“They had me attempting to walk the day after in intensive care. It’s a balance, but you need to use your heart to get it better. I’m aiming to get back in July for the Scottish Open and then the Open the week after.”- he said.

Fleetwood confirmed that he advised his caddy not to rush and make hasty decisions that could affect his health. The priority for this experienced caddy should be the recovery process and the desire to return. Fleetwood emphasized that he was by his caddy's side throughout the whole process, which was certainly a stressful period for him.

 “I’ve spoken to him a lot through the whole thing, obviously, and the process went from not knowing what’s wrong to finding out and not believing this is actually happening, to worrying about the operation."- Fleetwood said.

Tommy Fleetwood and Ian Finnis
Tommy Fleetwood and Ian Finnis© Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport

Fleetwood believes that the most important thing is that the surgery was successful. Although moments of stress and the desire for success are common in every athlete's career, Tommy has realized that sometimes it's important to prioritize one's health, considering that such situations are becoming more common.

David Clark will be the person replacing Finnis. Clark emphasized in a media interview that he will give his utmost to help Fleetwood achieve a positive result. He is known as a brilliant motivator and someone who refuses to give up on his golfer. His imperative is to make Fleetwood happy, thereby boosting his morale and confidence. That's how his golfers secure victories.

Many wonder how Tommy will adjust to his new caddy and how such a change will affect him. While it's certainly challenging to change things and adapt, Fleetwood is someone who doesn't intend to focus too much on the past and changes. For him, the imperative is to produce good results, and with the help of a new caddy, this 33-year-old Briton shouldn't have major issues. Motivated by his excellent performance at the Masters, Tommy aims to continue his positive streak at the Majors.

Fleetwood seems to be familiar with the qualities of his new caddy, especially after consulting with Ian Poulter. Tommy has determined that Clark can bring the additional freshness and experience that he needs. The Briton is happy to have a caddy of such caliber available to him, and it will likely be the same when it comes to the US Open in June. Fleetwood is grateful to Poulter and his caddy. We'll see if they will be a winning formula.

“It’s great to have him, as he is very experienced. I spoke to Poults and he was great about it. Clarky worked last week and is here this week, and hopefully will be at the US Open next month. It doesn’t conflict with Poults’ schedule so all good.”-Fleetwood said.

Fleetwood is scheduled to start his round alongside Bryson DeChambeau and Akshay Bhatia on Thursday for the first round of the PGA Championship.

PGA Championship and LIV Golfers

Bryson DeChambeau is one of the more intriguing figures at this year's PGA Championship, and a huge focus will be placed on him. According to the betting odds, the American is the seventh favorite to win this Major. Bryson has previously expressed optimism and readiness to produce a good result in this tournament, prepared to break many records.

Tommy knows that a tough challenge lies ahead, but playing in the PGA Championship and expecting easy opponents don't go hand in hand. Fleetwood is a quality golfer, as he has proven many times before. We'll see if he can make a breakthrough and produce a good result.

There are quite a few interesting names in this tournament. It will be intriguing to watch the LIV Golfers return, and some of them have ambitions to clinch victory. Brooks Koepka and Jon Rahm are certainly among the most notable names, especially considering Koepka's victory in this tournament last year.

The ambitions of this American are to repeat the same this year.

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