Jordan Spieth Upset: Media Misrepresents PGA Tour Players' Influence

"It's just balanced. It's not player driven. So we got, you guys [media] have got to stop saying that."

by Sead Dedovic
Jordan Spieth Upset: Media Misrepresents PGA Tour Players' Influence
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Since the beginning of the talk about the merger between PIF and the PGA Tour, various rumors have emerged. While there were those false ones, there were also many that ultimately turned out to be true.

What is certain is that negotiations between PIF and the PGA Tour are still ongoing. 

Recently, there has been much talk about Rory McIlroy and his return to the PGA Tour Policy Board, but that will not happen. 

Jordan Spieth, a popular figure in the golf scene, commented on the latest rumors suggesting that PGA Tour players are leading the negotiations. Spieth strongly denied this. The 30-year-old golfer confirmed that the players are not leading the negotiations and that things are balanced. Although players now have significantly greater rights, suggesting that they decide on matters is far from the truth

"It's just balanced. It's not player driven. So we got, you guys [media] have got to stop saying that."-Jordan Spieth said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Top officials from both Tours are involved in the negotiations, ready to finally bring the talks to a close and reach a final agreement. Spieth confirmed that the negotiations are progressing in the right direction and that players also play a role in the whole story. Spieth accepts the fact that players are not the primary decision-makers, but it's important that they are involved in this story in some way. Previous experiences where players were not absolutely involved have proven to be disastrous.

"It's balanced in a way that at least from what I've heard the investors, Tour management, and independents feel it should be," said Spieth

"I think we're in a place where that's the case - we're being told that this is how it should be as well."

Jordan Spieth
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Spieth mentioned a transition from a situation with fewer players to one with a more balanced board. He emphasized the importance of having independent members on the board who are capable of making decisions that the players might not be qualified to make themselves. Spieth also highlighted the value of players providing input on how certain decisions might affect the membership and considerations such as eligibility.

Spieth mentioned the presence of numerous committees discussing various topics, one of which is the transaction committee tasked with handling talks related to the Public Investment Fund (PIF). He emphasized that these discussions shouldn't be labeled as negotiations, but rather as conversations aimed at understanding and shaping the future product model in collaboration with the PIF.

Jordan Spieth believes that the portrayal of the golf scene from the outside isn't accurate. Despite the prevailing pessimism and the global perception of chaos within the golf world, Spieth asserts that things aren't as bad as they seem. The 30-year-old golfer remains optimistic about the future, suggesting that both sides are willing to negotiate, although it's evident that there are sparks and specific obstacles between the PGA Tour and the LIV. 

The fact that negotiations have been ongoing for so long indicates that something isn't quite right between these two Tours. Spieth hopes that an end to this will  soon.

"I think things are, unfortunately, put in a really bad light right now, and I think things are actually in a really, really good place, based on what I know, which is quite a lot in this situation," Spieth continued.

"I think things are moving forward at a speed that both sides are probably frustrated at each other on different times when they're trying to get a hold of each other."

Jordan Spieth is optimistic

Spieth expresses his belief that despite various persistent issues, there's a unified effort among those involved in golf to move in the right direction. He finds it funny that internal discussions generate positive momentum, yet external perceptions often seem contrary and frustrating. 

Judging by the statements of Spieth and his colleagues, it seems that the relationship between the leaders of the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, as well as the golfers from both Tours, is considerably better than it was. On one hand, PGA Tour leaders have accepted the fact that LIV is here to stay and can't be ignored. On the other hand, LIV golfers are aware that they won't have the opportunity to compete in Majors without a merger. That's their only way forward. Both sides could benefit from a merger, with fans being the biggest winners as they would get to see the best players in one place.

Jordan hopes that golf fans understand that efforts are being made to do the right thing collectively, but stresses that it will take time to determine the best course of action.

This American golfer stands out as one of the few who actively promotes optimism and seeks to portray golf in a different light.

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