Ludvig Aberg Ahead of PGA Championship: Course Impressions, His Game, and the Merger

During tournament weeks, Aberg focuses on providing that his fundamentals are in check

by Sead Dedovic
Ludvig Aberg Ahead of PGA Championship: Course Impressions, His Game, and the Merger
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Ludvig Aberg will have the opportunity to make his debut at the PGA Championship this year, ready to conquer his competition and showcase his qualities in the best possible way. He is a player who is expected to achieve a lot, and some consider him a generational talent. The fact that he is participating in the Ryder Cup without prior professional experience speaks volumes about his talent and how much some believe in his qualities. 

Playing in this Major is a dream come true. As a child, the Swede dreamed of coming to this tournament and competing with some of the biggest names. 

Before the start of this tournament, there was concern about whether he would be ready to play, but judging by today's press conference, Aberg will have no problems. The knee that caused him trouble in the last tournament is now good. Aberg is looking forward to being able to play healthy in this Major.

 After a brilliant debut at the Masters, Aberg has the opportunity to once again show the best of himself. When asked by reporters if he consulted with any of his colleagues regarding this course, Aberg emphasized that he did not.

"I haven't actually spoken to any players. My caddie, Joe, was here with Rickie. They finished up high back in 2014. So he's been here. He's seen it.

Obviously they have added some length since, so a few of those holes are a little bit different. But from what I've understood, the green areas are very similar, and it looks like it's going to be a little bit wet towards the weekend, and hopefully, you know, we'll be able to hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens."- Aberg said, as quoted by PGA Championship.

Aberg lacks extensive professional experience, but even so, he is among the main favorites to reach the very end. Speaking about whether this place reminds him of any from college, Aberg confirmed that it does. Primarily, some of the holes remind him of Whispering Pines. Playing on difficult golf courses is a challenge for him, and he enjoys it.

"Yeah, we were actually talking about it. A few of those holes reminds me a little bit of Whispering Pines where we played conference a couple years ago, mainly because of the zoysia, but also some of the tree-lined holes and some strong par 4s.

So I mean, I love playing tough golf courses. I think it's fun, and obviously a major tournament is a big test."

Ludvig Aberg
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Ludvig Aberg emphasizes the importance of fundamentals in his golf swing development, which his coach also stresses. Fundamentals such as setup, grip, and ball position play a crucial role in his game. Whenever something feels off in his performance, he tends to trace it back to a flaw in one of these fundamental aspects. Like all players, he acknowledges that everyone has their unique tendencies to work on, and maintaining these fundamentals is key to consistency.

His dedication and mentality at this age (24) are truly impressive. Aberg is someone who seems extremely mature for his years, as evidenced by his performances on the golf course. His maturity can be felt from tournament to tournament, and his focus is truly outstanding. Aberg always emphasizes fundamental aspects, refusing to stray from the right path.

Ludvig Aberg on fundamentals in his game

During tournament weeks, Aberg focuses on providing that his fundamentals are in check so that he can approach the game with confidence. He believes in the importance of having a versatile game, which involves being able to shape shots in different ways. 

Aberg has confirmed that he doesn't pay too much attention to the division in the golf scene. Considering he is a young golfer who hadn't experienced professional play when the PGA Tour was the only authority, Aberg doesn't appear overly surprised by current developments. 

He is still adjusting to the new environment, atmosphere, and challenges in his life. Transitioning from an amateur to a professional isn't a simple process. There are many challenges that professionals face, but Aberg was prepared for it as soon as he started training in this sport. His priority is to deliver good performances and progress. 

Regarding the question of the merger, the Swede believes that there are people negotiating about it, so he isn't particularly worried.

"Not a ton to be honest. Obviously I'm still new to this. I'm still kind of getting the gist of all things that comes with professional golf.

You know, it is what it is and all I try to do is play as good of golf as I can."- he concluded.

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