Talor Gooch Can't Hide Emotions Upon Learning He'll Compete in PGA Championship

“I had no idea, no clue that it was happening. It was a bit of a surprise, for sure."

by Sead Dedovic
Talor Gooch Can't Hide Emotions Upon Learning He'll Compete in PGA Championship
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Talor Gooch was surprised and happy after the PGA of America extended an invite to him to compete in the PGA Championship. Gooch, a member of LIV Golf, did not have the opportunity to secure a spot in this Major through ranking points, so the only way he could participate was through an invite. 

The leaders of the PGA Championship carefully monitored the situation and deliberated on who was the best option for an invite, considering that Gooch is a golfer who can bring additional quality.

Gooch stated that he had no idea what would happen. Gooch seems to feel that things are slowly changing in the golf scene, as one of the Majors recognized the need for individuals from LIV Golf to compete in the PGA Championship. He hopes that this is a positive step for everyone, not just for him.

“I had no idea, no clue that it was happening. It was a bit of a surprise, for sure.

This was the first time that one of the majors has recognised just the play of golf within the confines of LIV."- Gooch said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

“And so, it's a first of its kind, which is a step in the right direction, I think. And I'm very honoured and very grateful for it.”

This year's Masters brought similar things, as Joaquín Niemann received an invitation to compete at the Masters after impressive performances on LIV Golf. The 26-year-old Chilean was also excited and happy about this opportunity in his career. Gooch emphasized that he did not expect this outcome, and it seems that he did not anticipate this happening. Competing in a Major is every golfer's dream, especially in this way.

He also expressed happiness for his colleague, Niemann, who was given immense trust earlier this year.

“Obviously, Augusta recognized what Joaco [Niemann] did outside of LIV, which was awesome. And Joaco played great and was chasing that. I obviously didn't choose that path. I wasn't chasing after world ranking points, wasn't chasing after it.”-Gooch continued.

Joaquin Niemann
Joaquin Niemann© Lintao Zhang/Getty Images Sport

Gooch expressed satisfaction in his belief that amazing performance in LIV Golf should be recognized and rewarded. He feels gratified that his special year of golf, considering the caliber of players and courses in LIV Golf, has been recognized and rewarded. He hopes this trend of recognizing great golf continues in the future.

If this brilliant golfer were to win the PGA Championship, he would have a chance to compete in this Major for the rest of his life, and in addition, he would receive a five-year exemption for the other three Majors. Victory would mean a lot, especially to those competing in LIV Golf. However, Gooch is aware that it's too early to think about that, considering it's a huge feat. 

His intentions are not focused on winning. For him, the priority is to stay grounded and realistic. Talor stresses that the priority is to stay relaxed and focused on the challenge ahead.

“It's easy for your mind to go there of like, I got to take advantage of this – but that doesn't breed success. And so, you just have to get back into the normal set of things and how you go about your business at a tournament. That's how I view it."-said Gooch.

The 32-year-old golfer emphasized that he has been preparing for this tournament and believes he will be successful. Gooch expects positive outcomes at this tournament, but he doesn't want to put too much pressure on himself by treating it differently from other important tournaments. 

Who can win this year's PGA Championship?

Many LIV Golfers will aim to make a breakthrough and try to win this Major, which will bring them massive benefits. However, it's sometimes challenging to perform under pressure, and PGA Tour players may exploit such situations. We will see if this will be the case for the PGA Championship.

One of the LIV Golfers who managed to win a Major is Brooks Koepka. He achieved a two-shot victory last year, which greatly eased things for him playing on the LIV Golf. The intentions of this  phenomenal golfer are to repeat the same, aware that it will be a tough task. 

However, Koepka is focused on achieving his goal, regardless of what some may think or expect. According to bookmakers, he is the third favorite, with Rory McIlroy and Scottie Scheffler ahead of him as the main favorites to win this Major. 

It will be interesting to follow this year's PGA Championship, considering there is a lot of quality in this tournament. Ultimately, only one will have the opportunity to lift the trophy and fulfill a childhood dream.

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