Brandel Chamblee: The format for LIV is just stupid. There’s no other word for it

Chamblee once again expressed his anger, this time alluding to the LIV Golf format

by Sead Dedovic
Brandel Chamblee: The format for LIV is just stupid. There’s no other word for it
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Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee emphasized a few days ago that the PGA Tour and LIV Golf need to reach an agreement and move towards a brighter future. Although Chamblee is a fierce critic of the Saudi Arabia-backed Tour, this time he had somewhat different views, considering it to be the only solution for the world of golf. However, just a few days later, Chamblee seems to be returning to his old ways. 

In a conversation with GOLF WRX, Chamblee once again expressed his anger, this time alluding to the LIV Golf format. Chamblee believes that the 54-hole system is unacceptable and illogical. LIV Golf leaders wanted to introduce a somewhat different system to the golf scene, but some are evidently not satisfied with their innovations and changes.

"The format for LIV is just stupid. There’s no other word for it. 54 holes, 54 players start. Willy nilly here and there. Nobody winning a golf tournament should finish on the third hole on some par three while his closest competitors finish on the 17th hole or the 18th hole."- he said.

Brandel believes their concept is laughable, considering he's not convinced of their data and the accuracy of everything. Additionally, Chamblee is not even sure if LIV Golf possesses talented golfers, deeming every aspect of this Tour wrong. Chamblee stresses they must change many things and come to an agreement.

“It’s just a laughable concept. There’s no way to judge the talents of these players out there. You look at their data, and again, their data is laughable. It’s very hard to hit 75% of your greens and it looks like everybody on their tour is hitting 75% of greens. Who’s keeping their stats? Who’s doing their data? They haven’t gotten their act together."- he continued.

Brandel Chamblee
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He elaborated on his assessment of LIV golfers, suggesting that more of them should put in additional effort to qualify for Major tournaments. Chamblee highlighted the importance of competing in events that offer world ranking points, as it provides a clearer evaluation of a player's abilities. He criticized the format of LIV Golf, stating that it doesn't allow for an accurate assessment of players' skills.

Brandel Chamblee and his views about the deal

Brandel Chamblee reflected on his statements regarding the potential deal. He emphasized that the second worst thing that could happen to golf is if the PGA Tour makes the deal, and the worst thing would be if they don't. This highlights the difficult situation and position golf is in, as neither option is ideal. LIV Golf has clearly disrupted plans for everyone in the golf scene, and the money they possess is seen by many as crucial in the whole story. Although there are many against LIV Golf, for the betterment of golf, they are aware that a merger is the best option, as it is the only way to see the best golfers competing in the same tournaments.

The Golf Channel analyst is aware of the power of the Saudis and the fact that if things remain as they are currently, it could lead to major issues, as the PGA Tour would struggle to compete with the Saudis. He believes that the ideal option would be to determine how to weaken the Saudis and their influence in the merger.

"Because the Saudis are not going to go away, they can spend the PGA Tour into oblivion, they will be a poaching threat forever. So the best way - as far as I can tell - was to make some sort of deal, figure out a way to mitigate the influence of the Saudis in the professional golf landscape."- he said.

Chamblee doesn't understand why the Saudis have such passion and emotion towards team golf when this sport doesn't follow such a gameplay model. Brandel feels that the Saudis are not succeeding in profiting from LIV Golf, highlighting that they "made $40,000 selling hot dogs in Australia to offset $3 billion." Given that golf has remained the same for years, Chamblee isn't sure if the LIV Golf system will ever capture the attention of golf fans globally. On the other hand, he believes it's difficult to "drive out" LIV Golf from the golf scene, thinking they are enthusiasts of the sport and this model. He still believes that a merger is the only and best option for everyone.

His opinion is shared by many golf fans who are aware that golf has found itself in a corner, and the only way out of the whole chaos is a merger. However, impatience is growing day by day as negotiations drag on, and golf sinks deeper. It is essential that things are resolved as soon as possible.

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