Norwegian Golfer Viktor Hovland Teams Up Again with Coach Joseph Mayo

"Yeah, that's correct. Just reached out and was wondering if he (Mayo) could take a look at my golf swing, and let's get back to work."- Hovland said.

by Sead Dedovic
Norwegian Golfer Viktor Hovland Teams Up Again with Coach Joseph Mayo
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Viktor Hovland, the Norwegian golfer, hasn't been particularly impressive since the beginning of this year, despite being one of the better golfers who attracted immense attention in 2023. Dissatisfied with some aspects of his game and performances in tournaments, Hovland decided to part ways with his long-time coach, Joseph Mayo, ready for a new chapter in his career. 

After the two went their separate ways, Hovland once again didn't shine, realizing that perhaps the best move was to reunite with his ex-coach. 

Prior to the PGA Championship, in an interview with the media, Hovland confirmed that Mayo is once again his coach. Before the start of the PGA Championship, Hovland asked Mayo if he was ready for a collaboration again. The 26-year-old golfer is aware that Mayo knows his strengths and weaknesses, and he highlighted that he immediately noticed progress.

"Yeah, that's correct. Just reached out and was wondering if he (Mayo) could take a look at my golf swing, and let's get back to work.

He knows my swing really well. He's really, really smart, and just has a way of looking at my swing and kind of knowing what it is right away. Felt like I got some really good answers, was able to apply some of the feels right away, and I saw improvement right away. Yeah, it's easy to keep going then."- Hovland said, as reported by Golf Monthly.

Joseph Mayo and Hovland have always had a good and positive relationship until the Norwegian began to notice some shortcomings in his game, after which he decided to make some changes that didn't turn out to be ideal. Mayo has always spoken highly of Hovland, considering him one of the better golfers in the world. 

In addition to working extensively with Hovland on the physical aspect of his game, Mayo sought to influence Hovland's mindset, pointing out his strengths and weaknesses. This is one of the reasons why the Norwegian has progressed and become a respected golfer.

“From the PGA to the Ryder Cup, there is no doubt in my mind he was the best player in the world,” said Joseph Mayo

Viktor Hovland
Viktor Hovland© Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images Sport

Hovland had a solid day, carding four birdies and two bogeys on his front nine, followed by a birdie on his back nine, finishing with a three-under 68. Currently leading is Xander Schauffele with a nine-under 62. The Norwegian may not be particularly happy with his performance, considering that he has previously performed much better in this Major.

“Made a few putts. Made at least one silly bogey,” Hovland said.

“Missed them on the wrong side of the pin—completely short-sided. I gave myself a couple of looks for par. I feel like on the front nine, I played very solid and hit a lot of nice putts that didn’t go in, but I didn’t hit it close enough to shoot a low score on the front. All in all, pretty happy with a 3-under par [round].”

Hovland stressed the importance of purposeful practice, mentioning that he doesn't simply spend time on the range hitting balls without a clear objective. He believes in having a specific goal for each practice session, whether it's refining a particular aspect of his game or maintaining his current level of performance. He acknowledged the endless need for improvement in golf but emphasized the importance of efficient use of time and energy, choosing to focus on areas that require attention rather than engaging in aimless practice sessions.

PGA Championship: What can we expect?

This year's PGA Championship carries a lot of suspense, considering the many quality golfers at this moment, although of course, there are always those highlighted as favorites for the win. Hovland didn't rank among the top three favorites, but he was certainly up there. He faces a tough task ahead to improve some aspects and try to achieve an even better result going forward.

Currently leading is Xander Schauffele, who deserves to be there, but beyond that, he deserves to win the trophy, given how unlucky he has been in his career.

Hovland didn't specifically speak about his ambitions regarding this Major, but it's clear that he wants to go all the way, using the momentum and the fact that he has reunited with Mayo. The Norwegian is known as a golf fanatic, someone who pays attention to every aspect of his life; from food, sleep, training to every detail. This is one of the reasons why he has become a great golfer and a person respected by many.

The 26-year-old golfer certainly has the potential for even greater success in his career, but it will require much more effort, hard work, and of course, a special mindset. We'll see what the future holds for him.

Viktor Hovland