Tiger Woods' Impressions After the First Round

"Each day is a little bit different. Some days, it's better than others."

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods' Impressions After the First Round
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Tiger Woods knew he couldn't expect the best from himself coming into this year's PGA Championship, but his desire to play golf and the biggest tournaments outweighed everything. Tiger didn't start particularly well at the Valhalla Golf Club, finishing the first day at 1-over 72. Woods is currently 10 strokes off the pace of Xander Schauffele

Woods started his Masters journey in a similar fashion. Of course, no one blames this brilliant golfer, from whom it's hard to expect the best after an injury. 

At the press conference after the first day, Woods talked about his physical health, emphasizing that he feels much better than before, but he pointed out that he lacks competitive rounds.

“I am getting stronger for sure. It's just that I just don't play a whole lot of competitive rounds. I haven't played since the Masters. So it's a little bit different than being at home and playing a flat Florida course.”-Tiger Woods said, as quoted by PGA Championship.

Tiger Woods admitted that every day brings a new story. At times, he feels great, while at other times, he doesn't feel quite as good.

"Each day is a little bit different. Some days, it's better than others. It's just the way it is. My body is just that way. Some days, it feels great, and other days, a bit of a struggle."- he continued.

Tiger Woods
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Woods spoke about his desire to be finely tuned and areas where he would like to improve. He described it as getting back into the competitive rhythm, which took him about three holes to fully embrace again. Adjusting to the competitive environment involves adapting to factors like adrenaline, weather conditions, and the speed of the greens. These are elements he typically acclimates to rapidly, but on this occasion, it took him a bit longer to find his stride.

Reporters also noted Tiger Woods' ability to make the cut even when he withdraws from Majors. Explaining this success, Woods pointed out that the basic principle is you can't win a tournament unless you make the cut. Making it to the weekend allows players the opportunity to compete and contend for the title. Woods has experienced both scenarios - making the cut and winning, and leading tournaments from the start and winning. However, regardless of the situation, the first step is always getting through to the weekend rounds to have a chance at victory.

Golf fans are well acquainted with Tiger Woods' mentality and perseverance, even when things aren't going smoothly. Tiger Woods serves as an example of a golfer with a unique mindset, one that never intends to give up. This kind of mindset has influenced him to become the golfer he is today.

Fans and reporters are thrilled by the qualities displayed by players like Woods. Of course, Tiger is far from being a favorite considering his physical condition, so making the cut is a significant achievement for this experienced golfer. Reporters were interested in the moments in Woods' career where he was most proud of himself for showing resilience. There have been many such moments in his career, which is why Woods has become a legendary figure in the world of golf.

"Well, I think that I've made a few cuts in a row, what was it, 140-some odd.

So you have to just grind it out. It's a marathon. Major championships are a long grind. It's just plotting along. It's not a sprint. It's just a grind.

I had a few years where I was able to participate for a very long time."- Woods continued.

Tiger Woods on his ball speed

When asked about having a target ball speed in mind, Tiger Woods explained that he doesn't focus on specific numbers during tournaments. While he might monitor his ball speed during practice sessions at home, when competing, his primary goal is to hit shots accurately and place the ball where he intends to.

It will be interesting to follow Woods' performances in the remainder of the tournament and see how much this experienced golfer can truly deliver. Tiger is a golfer who is always expected to give his best, although at this moment, no one is holding immense expectations. 

The PGA Championship is a tournament in which Woods has clinched victory four times, in 1999, 2000, 2006, and 2007. It has been a staggering 17 years since his last triumph in this Major. Woods' most recent Major victory was at the Masters in 2019. The question arises: Will Woods ever return to being the old golfer who could once again claim major trophies? It's truly difficult to answer such a question.

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