Scottie Scheffler arrested and then released

Handcuffed and taken away by the police for questioning. That's what happened to Scottie Scheffler in Louisville, Kentucky.

by Andrea Gussoni
Scottie Scheffler arrested and then released
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Handcuffed and taken away by the police for questioning. That's what happened to Scottie Scheffler in Louisville, Kentucky. The world's number one golfer allegedly failed to obey a police officer's instructions after a fatal accident occurred near the Valhalla Golf Club, where the PGA Championship 2024, the second Major of the season, is taking place.

Scheffler was released after a few hours and returned to the course.

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The Car Accident At the heart of it all was a terrible news event that cost a man his life. Just before the golfer arrived on the roads surrounding the Valhalla Golf Club, there had been a fatal accident.

A shuttle bus in a preferential lane had hit and killed a pedestrian crossing the street. The tragedy, which occurred at dawn, caused a mile-long traffic jam with dozens of police vehicles flashing red and blue lights near the entrance.

The PGA Championship organizers decided to delay all tee times by an hour. The American was expected to tee off at hole 1 at 8:48 local time. Scottie and the Forceful Roadblock Scottie Scheffler, probably unaware of the situation, attempted to pass through the congestion to reach the players' entrance.

So, with his vehicle (an SUV courtesy car provided to players with the PGA logo on it), he drove about ten meters ignoring the shouts of a metropolitan police officer. The officer then chased him, stopped him, and made him get out of the car.

Then the handcuffs came on, and the golfer was taken away. Before getting into the police car, the US champion, having crossed paths with an ESPN journalist whom he knew, asked for help. "There's nothing you can do, this man will go to jail," the officer allegedly replied to the reporter.

The journalist's impression was that none of the officers in that patrol recognized Scottie Scheffler. It's strange that Scheffler's name and face went unnoticed. Scheffler has already won four tournaments in five months in 2024 alone, wearing the green jacket for the second time in his career after winning the Masters.

Earlier in the week, the practicing Catholic American became a father for the first time. Scottie Scheffler's Version After the handcuffs, the mugshots, and the release, Scheffler returned to the Valhalla Golf Club to play the second round of the PGA Championship.

His tee shot was greeted with applause from the audience, with all cameras focused on him. Through an Instagram story, the American explained his version of the events of the morning: "This morning I found myself in a chaotic situation.

It was a misunderstanding, I asked what to do next, it was certainly not my intention to disregard the police. I hope this matter can be resolved soon. Condolences to the family of the person who lost their life."

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