Tiger Woods Ends Story at PGA Championship: Just Kept Making Mistakes

Tiger Woods expressed the need for more playing time to regain his form

by Sead Dedovic
Tiger Woods Ends Story at PGA Championship: Just Kept Making Mistakes
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Although many expected Tiger Woods to make the cut at the PGA Championship, Woods had to end his adventure at this Major after a triple bogey-bogey-triple bogey. Few expected Woods to produce a stellar result, but what many surely anticipated was that Woods would make the cut. 

After all the injuries and issues he has faced, it was somewhat difficult to expect this great golfer to remind us of his old days when he dominated such tournaments. 

Tiger Woods spoke about his impressions and the problems he faced after the round on Friday. The mistakes he made aren't something we're used to seeing from Woods, but it's clear that he needs playing rhythm to get back on track.

"It was a great week being here, being here at Valhalla, and unfortunately my scores did not indicate how the people treated me and how great a week I had. Unfortunately, I hit too many shots.

I got off to a bad start and the rough grabbed me at 2. No sand in the bunker as well. Just made a mistake there. I compounded the problem there at 4. Just kept making mistakes and things you can't do, not just in tournaments but in Majors especially. And I just kept making them. I hung around for most of the day but unfortunately the damage was done early."- Tiger Woods said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

Tiger Woods expressed the need for more playing time to regain his form. He acknowledged that due to a limited tournament schedule and recent physical issues, he hasn't had enough competitive rounds under his belt. 

Woods is a golfer who used to dominate these tournaments and was always a favorite, but everything that has happened in recent years makes it difficult to expect to see the old Woods on the golf course. Despite it all, Tiger is someone many people love, and regardless of his performance quality, they enjoy watching him play. He has accomplished so much in his career that fans won't easily forget his brilliant achievements.

Woods hopes that by focusing on practice sessions at home, he can prepare adequately for upcoming events like the one at Pinehurst. While he feels physically better than before, he stresses there's still room for improvement and intends to work closely with his team to address these areas before Pinehurst.

Tiger Woods has a great responsibility: Triple role on the PGA Tour

The 48-year-old golfer isn't only focused on his performances. It seems he has placed a greater emphasis on the PGA Tour Policy Board and the happenings in the golf scene. Woods emphasized that he takes his role seriously, equally addressing the challenges he faces as a player-director and as a golfer. 

In moments when both sides need to find common ground and solutions, Woods is an important figure. His voice in the golf scene plays a crucial role, hence Tiger hopes he can influence changes and a brighter future for golf.

"They're both equally important to me, playing and my responsibilities as a player director, whether it's on policy board or it's on the enterprise board. "- he said.

Tiger Woods
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Tiger Woods highlights the nature of his roles. Firstly, there's the personal aspect of playing golf, where he aims to keep his legacy and compete at the highest level. 

Although aware that it will be difficult after everything, Tiger is someone who firmly believes in himself, hoping that he can at least partially remind himself of the golfer he once was.

Then there's his responsibility as a player-director, where he works tirelessly off the course to represent players' interests and contribute to the improvement of the PGA Tour. 

Tiger Woods is grateful to PGA Tour

Woods spent the prime years of his career playing on the PGA Tour, and in this way, he wants to express his gratitude to the leaders of the PGA Tour. The tour's executives actively sought out Woods, recognizing that his influence could change many things and help the PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods
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This dual role requires him to focus on late-night Zoom calls, emails, and various responsibilities that come with the position. Despite the demanding nature of this role, Woods is committed to making a noteworthy impact, both on and off the course, for the benefit of the Tour and its players.

We have some time left to see which direction both Tours will take and if they will find common ground. Woods, like many others, wants to see golf as it once was, with the best players in one place. However, whether that will happen or not will depend on many factors.

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