Xander Schauffele: I tried all day to just keep focus on what I'm trying to do

Xander Schauffele managed to win the first Major of his career: the PGA Championship

by Sead Dedovic
Xander Schauffele: I tried all day to just keep focus on what I'm trying to do
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At the last week Wells Fargo Championship, Xander Schauffele managed to finish second, aiming for a different outcome this time. Many didn't expect Schauffele to achieve such a remarkable result and win the PGA Championship. The 30-year-old golfer surprised everyone and managed to accomplish his goal. 

In a fierce battle with Bryson DeChambeau, Schauffele emerged as the victor. He set a record with 21-under at the PGA Championship. 

After the tournament, Xander expressed his happiness after the success he had been waiting for years. He emphasized that it wasn't easy to deal with everything around him, but he still achieved his goal and did things the way they were supposed to be done.

"I was actually kind of emotional after the putt lipped in. It's been a while since I've won, and I really just kept saying it all week, I just need to stay in my lane. Man, was it hard to stay in my lane today. I tried all day to just keep focus on what I'm trying to do and keep every hole ahead of me. Had some weird kind of breaks coming into the [club]house, but it's all good now."-Schauffele said, as quoted by CBS Nation.

Xander reflected on his past and on moments where he was close to success but still couldn't convert the putt. Schauffele has now succeeded in his intention, which shows that he has worked a lot on the mental aspect of his game.

"I've had that feeling in the past where I've [failed to close], and I wasn't able to convert the putt. And finally, I got a couple putts to lip in, hit some decent putts with better pace, the ones that were a little more straight uphill," he said.

Schauffele emphasized the importance of maintaining patience during the tournament. He mentioned how he actively monitored the leaderboard, a departure from his previous strategy of avoiding it until later in the round. By keeping an eye on it from the beginning, he aimed to stay fully informed about his position and the overall situation. Schauffele also highlighted the importance  of accepting his emotions in real-time and continuously pushing forward despite any challenges he faced.

Xander remained consistent in some aspects from before, while on the other hand, he made changes when it comes to some other things. Schauffele is well aware of the mental aspect and the importance of focus from the beginning to the very end.

Many were taken aback by Scheffler's statements, especially before the final round. He emphasized that winning the tournament was just another result and another Sunday. Schauffele stated in media interviews that he never viewed things as 'lacking something'. He was patient and knew that such a moment would come. 

Schauffele's caddie, Austin Kaiser, mentioned that despite the numerous close calls, Schauffele didn't let it get to him. Last week, after Rory beat them, Schauffele shook Kaiser's hand on the 18th hole and expressed confidence, saying, "We’re gonna win one of these soon, dude." 

Xander Schauffele and his caddy, Austin Kaiser
Xander Schauffele and his caddy, Austin Kaiser© Andy Lyons/Getty Images Sport

Schauffele is known as a relaxed person who doesn't want to create immense pressure on himself in his career. It turned out that this mentality led him to the top. Xander and his caddie are a great combination, it must be acknowledged.

Xander Schauffele: I looked at it as someone that is trying really hard and needs more experience

The 30-year-old golfer is a well-known name in the world of golf, but what some criticized him for was the lack of Majors in his CV. Now, no one can say anything to Schauffele after he won the PGA Championship.

“I don't think I'd ever look at it as lacking,” Schauffele said. 

“I looked at it as someone that is trying really hard and needs more experience.

All those close calls for me, even last week, that sort of feeling, it gets to you at some point. It just makes this even sweeter.”- he continued.

Schauffele previously failed to clinch victory at Majors. His next chance for another Major trophy will be at the U.S. Open next month. Xander hopes he can achieve a positive result at this Major, believing in his abilities. 

His best result at the U.S. Open was T3 in 2019. 

Additionally, Xander came close at the 2019 Masters, finishing as T2, as well as at The Open Championship in 2018, also finishing as T2. 

This just shows how many times the 30-year-old has been close to lifting the trophy reserved for the world's best golfers. After all, Schauffele can continue his career without the pressure that has been looming over him for some time now. We'll see what this 30-year-old has in store for us now that he has achieved his primary goal. We only expect the best from him.

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