Billy Horschel Celebrates Wife Brittany's Eight Years Sober: Emotional Message

"Today is a special day in the Horschel household. It’s May 21st, and it’s Brittany’s eight-year sobriety date."

by Sead Dedovic
Billy Horschel Celebrates Wife Brittany's Eight Years Sober: Emotional Message
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Billy Horschel sent an emotional message via social media on the occasion of his wife Brittany being sober for eight years. This amazing golfer highlighted in a video message that this is a special day for him, emphasizing how much his wife has changed as a person over the past eight years and become a wonderful mother, wife, and overall individual.

The 37-year-old golfer has been a huge support for her since the first day of her struggle. Horschel believed in his wife and knew that his help was crucial in the whole story. As a husband, he did his best and was an important factor in achieving her goal.

"Today is a special day in the Horschel household. It’s May 21st, and it’s Brittany’s eight-year sobriety date.

It’s truly amazing to see what her life has become, how she has changed as a person, become an unbelievable mother, become an unbelievable support system to me. "- Billy Horschel said.

Horschel shared a message to individuals struggling with addiction, stressing that support is available. He emphasized that many people facing addiction may feel hopeless and believe they cannot achieve sobriety or receive help from others. However, he stressed that there are individuals who genuinely care and are willing to assist in their journey towards recovery. 

Indeed, family members can be a massive source of support for individuals struggling with addiction, just as Horschel was. His crucial assistance throughout the whole story was crucial in ensuring success.

Horschel encouraged those battling addiction to reach out to others for support, as there are people eager to help them lead happier, healthier, and more successful lives.

The 37-year-old golfer urged all individuals struggling with addiction or on the path to overcoming such a problem not to overthink it and to start rehabilitation. This exceptional golfer, who has experienced much in his career, believes that the first step to success is for the person to want to help themselves. Billy is convinced that anyone who embarks on the path of rehabilitation will be happier and will live the life they desired. He realized, through the example of his wife, the difference between observing a person with addiction and without. Individuals who have overcome addiction live much happier, more purposeful lives.

“So, like I said, if you’re struggling out there please reach out to people because your life will change, I promise you that. It will change if you really want to get sober, you will live the life that you’ve always wanted to so all the best out there. Take care. Love you all.”- Horschel continued.

Billy Horschel
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Almost seven years ago, news about Horschel and his marriage emerged. There were headlines that went too far, talking about a lot, but least about the truth. 

What is certain is that his wife had an alcohol addiction, and during that period, she decided to seek help. 

In one of the American shows, his wife admitted to having problems with alcoholism and had tried to hide her problem for years. She even admitted to hiding things from her husband, who was unaware that his wife was consuming alcohol excessively. The outstanding golfer considered it a tough time with many challenges. 

Billy Horschel: We had to be more open with each other

Horschel knew his wife needed to seek help, and it was essential for him to be with her throughout the entire process. The problem with alcoholism also affected their marriage, as their relationship as husband and wife was not particularly great. Horschel knew they had to work on it; to communicate more and be more open. After realizing where the problem lay, they both changed their attitude and became more open to each other. 

In those moments, they realized that without communication and openness, there is no healthy marriage. 

Horschel and his wife are the best example that every problem can be solved with openness, communication, and willingness to change. The latter implies taking necessary steps to address the problem. It seems that the two of them have never looked happier, having solved the problems that existed in their marriage.

"We needed to work on that… so for me to be more open, communicate better with my wife and our relationship was a massive thing that we learned how to do."- Horschel concluded.

Horschel hasn't particularly impressed this season, although there has been significant progress in his game since early April, as evidenced by his victory at the Corales Puntacana Championship. Additionally, his T8 finish at the PGA Championship is commendable. His previous best result was a T7 at the Texas Children's Houston Open, played at the end of March this year. Horschel expects that after his amazing performances in the last month, he will elevate his form and deliver his best.

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