Xander Schauffele Shares PGA Championship Final Day Thoughts

"I really wanted to feel everything. I wanted to address everything that I was feeling in the moment."- Schauffele said.

by Sead Dedovic
Xander Schauffele Shares PGA Championship Final Day Thoughts
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Xander Schauffele had been waiting for a long time to claim his first Major. The 30-year-old golfer had immense belief in himself and knew that the moment to lift such a trophy would come. The final round of the PGA Championship brought plenty of excitement, but Schauffele never intended to give up for a moment, believing he could succeed. 

DeChambeau was patient, carefully waiting for his moment, intending to disrupt Schauffele's plans. This LIV Golfer even admitted after the tournament that he expected to win but was surprised by how excellent Xander had been on the final day. 

Schauffele was quite emotional after the tournament, opening up to reporters and revealing what was going through his mind during the last day. The 30-year-old admitted that he had tried everything to secure victory, especially at Majors. At a certain point on the final day, he decided to change his rituals up to that point, believing he had to win.

“Someone like me has pretty much tried everything, to be completely honest, that hasn't won in two years.

You try not to look at the leaderboards until the back nine, you try not to look at them early, you try not to look at them at all.

Today I looked at them. I looked at them all day. I really wanted to feel everything. I wanted to address everything that I was feeling in the moment.”- Xander Schauffele said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

In reflecting on the final moments, Schauffele expressed his hesitation to enter a playoff with Bryson. He stressed the challenge of facing DeChambeau on the 18th hole due to his significant length off the tee. Schauffele anticipated that if DeChambeau managed to execute a particular shot, it would essentially result in a shorter approach, making it difficult for him to compete.

Previously at the Wells Fargo Championship, Schauffele came close to victory, but ultimately, Rory McIlroy managed to clinch the win. Schauffele knew he didn't want to witness the same scenario this time around, determined to show his opponents how focused he was on achieving victory. Schauffele admitted that throughout the final day, he kept reminding himself how much he wanted to win a Major and stay in the moment. He acknowledged feeling a huge amount of nerves, analyzing many things around him.

Xander Schauffele
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Reflecting on his winning putt, Schauffele described how he initially visualized the line from right to left, realizing it wasn't the ideal path for a winning putt. Instead, he decided to play it straight, but the ball veered left and caught the left side of the hole. When the ball lipped in for the win, Schauffele's memory of the moment is fuzzy, as he was overwhelmed by the crowd's roaring and felt a sense of relief, gazing up at the sky.

Such moments are what every golfer dreams of and hopes to experience one day, especially at tournaments of this caliber. Playing in Majors and being part of the golf scene among the best is what every golfer dreams of in their career. Schauffele has finally silenced his critics and those who doubted him for years, believing he didn't have enough quality to succeed at Majors. However, the 30-year-old has shown time and again that he is ready for such an achievement.

Xander Schauffele on his father's emotional reaction

Xander revealed that immediately after his success, he called his father on the phone, and their conversation was particularly emotional. It seems that this brilliant golfer isn't accustomed to hearing his father cry, which happened this time. His father had also dreamed of his son lifting a Major trophy one day. By fulfilling his dream, the joy in the Schauffele family cannot be described.

“He was crying on the phone. It made me pretty emotional. I told him I had to hang up because I had to walk down. I couldn't show up looking like the way I was.”-Schauffele continued.

Xander Schauffele and father, Stefan
Xander Schauffele and father, Stefan© Patrick Smith/Getty Images Sport

Xander described his father as a big teddy bear, although many consider him an ogre. Schauffele provided an interesting example, emphasizing how emotional his father is.

“Steve Stricker wins a tournament and he's crying. My dad is sitting there right on the couch crying with him. That's the kind of guy he is.”

The 30-year-old shed the label of 'best player never to have won a Major.' Schauffele emphasizes that there are many golfers contending for the top spot, and even though he has achieved such success, he's far from golfers like Scottie Scheffler. He believes that many challenges lie ahead of him and that there is still much more he needs to accomplish in his career.

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