Xander Schauffele's Wife Shares Emotional Testimony Following His Victory

"He deserves it more than anything.."- Maya Schauffele said.

by Sead Dedovic
Xander Schauffele's Wife Shares Emotional Testimony Following His Victory
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Xander Schauffele has achieved his long-dreamt dream. The golfer, who many criticized for not winning Majors, considering him the 'best golfer without a Major,' managed to silence all those doubts and achieve his goal. Schauffele entered the PGA Championship dominantly from the first day, ready to defeat his competition. 

The American couldn't hide his happiness after his phenomenal performance, and he seemed like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. 

What impressed many was also the reaction of his wife Maya. In an interview with 'The Athletic,' she was particularly emotional, knowing the effort and hard work her husband had put in to win a Major. She expressed that it was hard to describe such a moment, believing that he had long deserved something like this. Maya has seen for years how hard her husband has been working to improve and how much he wants to win a Major.

"This means everything. Everything that he has worked hard for, it just goes to show that you’ll see results if you put in the work. He deserves it more than anything. Why do I say that?  I’ve seen the dedication, the work that he puts in, the hours. Even during off weeks, there’s never an off week; they’re constantly practicing. The grind never stops."- Maya said, as quoted by Fox News.

Schauffele has been so close to winning a Major many times before, but he always lacked that final step and confirmation that he is the best. Certainly, when you try something year after year, and things don't go ideally for you, frustrations and dissatisfaction grow. 

However, it is crucial how you react under pressure and how you deal with it. Schauffele never panicked or made a drama about it. He didn't pay much attention to the critics. Patience and faith have paid off. Schauffele entered this tournament focused from day one and capitalized on the great momentum he carried from the Wells Fargo Championship.

Xander Schauffele explains his wife's reaction

Xander Schauffele explained in an interview with People why his wife was so emotional. The two of them have a great relationship, and it's noticeable how important his wife's support is to him. Schauffele emphasized that his wife knew how much winning a Major meant to him and how difficult it was for him to endure certain things. When you go through various experiences in life together with someone, it's natural to empathize and share both positive and negative emotions together.

"My wife has the most inside track to my emotions on a day-to-day basis, so she just knows how much not winning has been wearing on me."- Xander Schauffele said, as quoted by People.

Xander Schauffele
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The 30-year-old golfer admitted that he and his wife communicate daily when it comes to his golf career. Schauffele emphasized that his wife is precisely one of the reasons why he loves golf so much. She passionately follows each of his performances with a tremendous amount of emotion, as was evident after his latest victory.

Having such support in life is a huge thing, and Schauffele is aware of that. He is happy that he can share such great moments with her.

"My wife keeps me grounded, so I know she was emotional just because she knows how much this means to me and she's been so supportive my entire career, and it's really cool for me to share it with her."- he said.

Xander Schauffele on his brother's and father's support

The 30-year-old also confirmed that his wife is not the only support for him. In fact, his brother is also a huge support for Xander, and he was also on the course with Xander's wife. Like many brothers, they know each other well, and Xander's brother knows how stubborn he can sometimes be.

Schauffele, reflects on his childhood rivalry with his older brother, with whom he often competed. However, as they've grown older, their relationship has evolved into one of strong support. Xander mentions that his brother now primarily acts as a supporter and is genuinely invested in his success. Having witnessed Xander's dedication to golf throughout their lives, his brother understands the importance of Xander's recent achievements and is genuinely thrilled for him.

In addition, his father, Stefan Schauffele, was particularly emotional, and Xander revealed that after the tournament, he spoke with his father on the phone, who couldn't contain his emotions and was in tears.

Xander Schauffele and father, Stefan
Xander Schauffele and father, Stefan© Patrick Smith/Getty Images Sport

Xander gently ended the call, acknowledging that he, too, would have been overcome with emotions if he had continued talking with his father. Xander's family is a true example of the kind of family every athlete needs; full of support, love, and understanding.

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