Padraig Harrington: Rory McIlroy Should Focus on Golf, Not Policy Board Politics

"He was being soft by going back to it,” Harrington said.

by Sead Dedovic
Padraig Harrington: Rory McIlroy Should Focus on Golf, Not Policy Board Politics
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Rory McIlroy has been attracting attention for weeks, especially when reports emerged that he might rejoin the PGA Tour Policy Board. The Northern Irishman was open to such an option, but it seems that numerous obstacles that appeared in his path have influenced the 34-year-old to change his decision. 

McIlroy admitted that there are individuals who are against his return to the position he held in November of last year. A few days later, indeed, some golfers acknowledged that his comeback is not the best option, especially considering the fact that McIlroy had previously held such a position and decided to leave it. Many have raised the question: Can Rory be committed to his job? 

In any case, that story is over, but some still react to his statements and desire to return to the PGA Tour Policy Board. One of them is Padraig Harrington, a popular Irish golfer, who believes that McIlroy was not particularly motivated to return. The 52-year-old stresses that Northern Irishman should focus on golf rather than things outside of it.

“He was being soft by going back to it,” Harrington said, as quoted by Irish Golfer.

“You know, at the end of the day, it’s not a distraction he needs. He needs to be out there playing golf.”

Rory McIlroy
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Tiger Woods, a well-known figure, is part of the PGA Tour Policy Board as a player, along with five of his colleagues: Jordan Spieth, Adam Scott, Patrick Cantlay, Peter Malnati, and Webb Simpson. Woods, as an experienced face of the golf scene, is familiar with the situation. His experience could be crucial in the whole story. 

Harrington agrees with such a viewpoint. He believes that Woods is a great person for such a role, given the stage of his career. Woods has faced injuries in recent years, and it seems that his main focus is no longer on the game, especially since he cannot give his best.

“I think it’s perfect for Tiger. He’s at that stage of his career. If you want to be a competitive player, it takes all your time and energy.”- Harrington continued.

Tiger Woods
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Harrington also expressed his nostalgia for certain personalities on the LIV tour after last week's PGA Championship at Valhalla.

Reflecting on the absence of some players who transitioned to the LIV tour, Harrington admitted that initially, he didn't think much about it. However, the recent tournament made him realize the importance of those individuals, particularly mentioning Bryson DeChambeau

The 30-year-old LIV Golfer impressed everyone with his performance and determination to clinch victory. Despite facing a tough battle against Xander Schauffele, he couldn't emerge as the winner. Nevertheless, the reactions from fans and the audience to his performance were overwhelmingly positive. DeChambeau appeared at this Major with the intention of conquering the competition and achieving victory. He fell just short of that feat this time, but that doesn't mean Bryson won't reach his goal in the upcoming Majors.

DeChambeau's presence at the championship added excitement and contributed to the general spectacle, improving the experience for both players and spectators. Harrington emphasized that such figures bring a unique energy to the game, highlighting the impact they have on the sport's dynamics and audience engagement. 

Although golf fans don't particularly have positive reactions to LIV Golfers, some golf figures are still close to their hearts. Despite everything, individuals nostalgically remember the performances of certain LIV Golfers who were part of the PGA Tour. This is one of the reasons why some eagerly want to see LIV Golf and the PGA Tour as one entity.

Harrington's statements indicate that players like DeChambeau make this sport better and more attractive to watch. The Irishman is disappointed with the current situation in the golf scene, hoping that things can change in the near future.

Padraig Harrington: Two Separate Tours Are an Opportunity to Create New Stars

The Irishman stresses there are many who support such a situation in the golf scene, considering that this way golf increases competitiveness and rivalry, which suits some fans. Harrington doesn't seem to be someone who supports a merger, considering it a good choice. 

The Irishman is someone who believes that two separate tours are a great opportunity for the development of young talents and the creation of new stars in the golf scene. His opinion seems to be rare in today's times, but it's definitely interesting to look at different perspectives.

“I know other people think that’s right. For me, if you get all the best players playing all the tournaments at the same time there’s just so few opportunities to win, it’s hard to create stars. I’m not averse to two strong tours and whatever goes with that.”

Padraig Harrington Rory Mcilroy