Georgia Hall Shocked by Nelly Korda's Dominance: I Just Can't Get My Head Around It

Nelly Korda managed to achieve victory in 6 out of the last 7 events

by Sead Dedovic
Georgia Hall Shocked by Nelly Korda's Dominance: I Just Can't Get My Head Around It
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Dominance of Nelly Korda seems unreal, considering this brilliant golfer managed to achieve victory in 6 out of the last 7 events. The 25-year-old American only failed to clinch victory at the Cognizant Founders Cup, where she finished T7. Korda has been leading the charge since January this year, as she has been unstoppable since the LPGA Drive On Championship. 

Her dominance has elicited various reactions both in the world of women's golf and men's. 

Georgia Hall is one of those surprised by Korda's dominance. 

Although her rivals are not benefiting from her form, Korda has no intention of giving up on her goals, ready to conquer all. Despite everything, Hall hopes that Korda can continue like this in the upcoming tournaments.

“In a way I hope it continues like that because it’s just amazing to see,” -Georgia Hall said, as quoted by Irish Golfer.

“I just can’t get my head around it. Six out of seven is just unbelievable."

Nelly Korda
Nelly Korda© Sarah Stier/Getty Images Sport

Women's golf doesn't attract as much attention as men's golf, but in the past few months, it can be felt how the leaders of women's golf tours and organizations intend to turn things around. It's noticeable that in recent years women's golf has been gaining popularity, and names like Korda are certainly a guarantee of success for women's golf. 

Hall has recognized the importance of Korda for women's golf, and she has emphasized that her victories are great promotion for this sport. Nobody likes it when your competitors win trophies, but there are benefits on the other side that Hall is talking about.

“It’s great for the game in general. Although we obviously want to win more than anything, for her to keep winning like she is, it’s just doing great things for us, promoting the tournaments and the Tour in general.”- Hall continued.

Nelly Korda really enjoys it. To her, it feels like a big reward for all the hard work she's put in, especially considering the ups and downs she faced, like dealing with injuries since the end of 2021. And having her team there with her every step of the way, being so close-knit, makes it all the more special.

Nelly Korda and US Women's Open

Nelly Korda's biggest challenge this season lies ahead: playing in the US Women's Open. It's a tournament that comes with a special pressure, and it's very difficult to perform under such conditions. She made her debut there eleven years ago, and now, as such a prominent figure, her intention is to lift the trophy at this tournament.

For Korda, the US Women's Open holds special meaning. It was at Sebonack in 2013 where she realized her dream of becoming a professional golfer. This emotional tie to the event adds an extra layer of pressure, leading to some challenging moments where she hasn't performed as well as she'd hoped.

Sometimes, such performances can have a mental impact, undermining your morale. However, she is now much more experienced, leading the way in the golf scene, and her confidence is at the top level. This may be why some are so confident that Nelly Korda will lift the trophy this time.

While she values all major tournaments, the US Women's Open holds a unique place in her heart as it's where her dream began to materialize. Recognizing the dangers of putting too much pressure on herself, she plans to focus on staying in her own zone during the tournament, taking each shot as it comes.

Nelly Korda is someone who always strives for victory, especially now that all eyes are on her, but playing in a Major always gives you an extra motivation to win. Her hopes are that this time she will give her best, fulfill a childhood dream, and continue her phenomenal streak.

It's been six years since her LPGA victory, when she won the Swinging Skirts LPGA Taiwan Championship in Taoyuan. Since then, Korda has made history in women's golf, despite the injuries and challenges she faced week after week. Korda seems more prepared than ever before, and it's truly hard to see anyone dethroning her.

This year's 2024 U.S. Women's Open will be held from May 30 to June 2 at the Lancaster Country Club in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Previously, this competition was won by Allisen Corpuz, while Minjee Lee was the best in 2022. Before them, Yuka Saso (2021), Kim A-lim (2020), and Lee Jeong-eun (2019) were champions, etc. This year's US Open will attract huge attention, mostly because of Korda, whom everyone expects to succeed in her goal. Such pressure can be dangerous for any player, but Korda hopes for the best.

Nelly Korda