Golf legends react to Grayson Murray's death

"We were devastated to learn – and are heartbroken to share – that PGA Tour player Grayson Murray passed away this morning."

by Sead Dedovic
Golf legends react to Grayson Murray's death
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The death of Grayson Murray, a brilliant golfer, has shocked golf fans. Murray was thirty years old at the time of his death. He was a familiar face to golf fans, and his charisma and brilliance always captured attention. This amazing golfer withdrew from the Charles Schwab Challenge a few days ago. Jay Monahan, PGA Tour commissioner, was one of the first to react to Murray's death, admitting to being heartbroken upon hearing such news.

"We were devastated to learn – and are heartbroken to share – that PGA Tour player Grayson Murray passed away this morning. I am at a loss for words."- Monahan said, as reported by Golf Monthly.

Jay Monahan isn't the only one who reacted as many golf personalities were left shocked. Scottie Scheffler, golf's No.1, also reacted.

World No.1 Scottie Scheffler, speaking from Texas, shared that the news hasn't fully sunk in yet, but he's deeply saddened and thinking about Murray's family. Scheffler mentioned that he had gotten to know Grayson better over the last six months and couldn't find the right words to describe how sad and tragic the situation is.

Grayson Murray and his life

Grayson Murray made his professional debut nine years ago (2015). Even as a child, he impressed many with his talent and the qualities he displayed. As a junior, he achieved excellent results and was considered one of the biggest potentials. He secured seven victories as a professional. 

In January of this year, Murray openly spoke about his struggles with depression and anxiety. Murray then discussed issues with alcohol, emphasizing that it served as an escape from his problems. He even consumed alcohol during tournaments, and his victory at 22 years old, when he was a rookie, he considers the best and worst thing that ever happened to him. Murray admitted that he managed to change and quit alcohol eight months ago.

Murray admitted to having tough days where he lacked the strength to get out of bed. It seems that this 30-year-old placed enormous expectations on himself, and the pressure he felt likely affected him. He confessed that there were times when he didn't have the strength to get out of bed.

"There are days where I didn't want to get out of bed. I just thought I was a failure. I always looked at myself as a failure. I thought I had a lot of talent that was just a waste of talent," he said.

Murray admitted that it was difficult for him to battle depression and anxiety, considering that arrogance cost him. He emphasized that he was humbled after experiencing anxiety and depression.

Although Murray hoped for a new chapter in his life, unfortunately, life is often unjust.

Webb Simpson reacted

Webb Simpson, a member of the PGA Tour Policy Board, also couldn't believe the tragic news. The 30-year-old golfer, who showed promise and was an important player on this Tour, passed away suddenly. Few expected such a scenario, but unfortunately, life sometimes writes sad stories.

Webb Simpson reflected on his relationship with Grayson: They shared a long history, both mentored by Ted Kiegiel, a close friend who introduced them to the game. Simpson recalled meeting Grayson at his home club when he was around eight or nine years old, where Grayson won the Webb Simpson Challenge Junior Tournament. 

Webb Simpson
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Simpson described the disbelief upon hearing the news over the phone, initially questioning its reality until the emotions of their swing coach confirmed it. Despite the tragedy, Simpson found solace in the memory of spending time with Grayson and his mother during the Wells Fargo Championship, expressing gratitude for those moments shared before the sad news.

Luke Donald reacted

Luke Donald reacted to Grayson Murray's death via X. Donald revealed that several months ago, Grayson sought advice from him regarding Augusta. He is shocked at how life writes sad stories. He expressed condolences to the family.

"Truly devastating news that Grayson Murray has passed away. He asked me for some advice on how to play Augusta a few months ago, last week I saw him at the PGA Championship, life truly is precious. My condolences and prayers to his whole family that they may find some peace."- Luke Donald wrote.

Luke Donald
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Patrick Sullivan also reacted, emphasizing that Murray was a person who wanted to help him in his toughest times. Sullivan stressed that he will never forget that.

"Sad to hear about the passing of Grayson Murray. I didn’t know him at all, but he was one of the people who reached out to me when I was struggling. I will always remember that. RIP."- he wrote.

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