Peter Malnati Reacts to the Death of Golf Colleague with Tears in His Eyes

"We all want to beat each other and then something like this happens and you realize we’re all just humans."

by Sead Dedovic
Peter Malnati Reacts to the Death of Golf Colleague with Tears in His Eyes
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After the death of PGA Tour golfer Grayson Murray, immediate reactions followed from his colleagues. Many were shocked by the loss of the brilliant golfer who had carved out a remarkable story on the Tour. Following the news of his death, shortly thereafter, his parents spoke out, confirming that the cause of death was suicide.

 Murray had been open about his struggles with depression and anxiety for years, facing them day by day. Despite seeking professional help and seeming to be on the path to recovery, sadly, things ended tragically. 

His colleagues were in shock upon learning of Grayson's death. One of those who reacted was Peter Malnati

In an interview with CBS Sports, he revealed that he had spent two days with Murray at the Charles Schwab Challenge before Grayson withdrew. Malnati tearfully recalled their conversations, unable to believe what had happened. Malnati emphasizes that ultimately, we are all human beings with emotions and fears that we carry within us.

“It’s so funny, we get so worked up out here about a bad break here, good break there,” Malnati said. 

“We’re so competitive out here. We all want to beat each other and then something like this happens and you realize we’re all just humans.”

The 36-year-old golfer labels this as a difficult day, considering that Grayson was someone who year after year struggled with his demons. Although it seemed like he was on the road to recovery and that his life was returning to normal, it appears that things rapidly deteriorated. Malnati's message aims to emphasize that every living being carries certain problems, insecurities, which they grapple with. The most important step in the whole story is seeking help from a professional.

“It’s just a really hard day, because you look at Grayson and you see in him someone who has visibly, outwardly struggled in the past and he’s been open about it and you see him get his life back to a place where he’s feeling good about thing. It’s just so sad.”- he said.

Webb Simpson reacts

Webb Simpson, another star of the PGA Tour, also reminisced about moments when he first met Murray. Simpson admitted to experiencing huge shock upon hearing the news of Murray's death. Simpson reflected on the Webb Simpson Challenge, a junior tournament that has been played for years. He highlighted that Murray was actually the first person to win this tournament. 

Simpson nostalgically and sorrowfully recalls the first tournament and the moment when Murray lifted the trophy. Such moments evoke immense emotions in a person. To see a boy with dreams, talent, and a desire to become a star in this sport, and then to learn of his death is certainly a shock for anyone, including Simpson.

Webb Simpson
Webb Simpson© Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images Sport

 A member of the PGA Tour Policy Board confirmed that this year he had the opportunity to get to know Murray even better and understand what a great person he was. He also met his fiancée, aware that the whole family is in great pain after everything. 

It seems that golf news has never been sadder than now. The death of such a brilliant golfer has left a big mark on all of us, but it has also sent us a clear message: We must take care of our mental health. It is essential to talk, be open, and seek help when needed.

Jay Monahan reacts

The PGA Tour commissioner expressed condolences to the family and loved ones, considering them to have lost a family member. Monahan admitted in an interview with CBS Sports that he had always had a fondness for Grayson and that his death would leave a big void in the world of golf, including the PGA Tour. 

Jay Monahan
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He emphasized that the PGA Tour as a whole would stand by Grayson's family, ready to provide support and whatever is needed. He was a longtime member of this Tour and one of the favorite individuals. Murray was a brave person who was not afraid to publicly speak about his feelings and issues. Speaking out in such a way is truly a monumental thing.

“I’ve always loved that about him and I know that the locker room was filled with people that really will take that away when they think about Grayson. It’s our duty as an organization to be there for his family just as we’ll be there for each other, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”-Monahan said.

A multitude of important figures in the golf scene also reacted to such news, mostly emphasizing shock after learning of his death. That says enough about how important Murray was.