Brooks Koepka's Wife Exposes Golf's DM Drama and Romance

Sims admitted that she slid into Koepka's DMs, which she is proud of

by Sead Dedovic
Brooks Koepka's Wife Exposes Golf's DM Drama and Romance
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Brooks Koepka and Jena Sims' love story is interesting to everyone. This couple got married two years ago, and they met in 2015. According to Jena Sims' interview from 2018 for Golf Digest, she pointed out that they met at the 2015 Masters. She also revealed that Koepka remembers well what she was wearing and how everything looked. 

Sims admitted that they were still friends back then. 

However, in an interview for The Scoop with Claire Rogers, Sims admitted that she slid into Koepka's DMs, which she is proud of. Although many criticized her for it, there are many who consider Sims an example that women can sometimes make the first move.

"I’ve had a lot of c* for telling the world that I slid into his DMs because it’s like I went after him,” Sims said.

Brooks Koepka of the United States and Jena Sims during the Par Three Contest prior to the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club
Brooks Koepka of the United States and Jena Sims during the Par Three Contest prior to the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club© David Cannon/Getty Images Sport

Sims isn't happy with the reactions of individuals who criticize her. She believes that some men probably lack enough courage and that sometimes it's important for a woman to make the first move. Brooks' wife argues that Koepka isn't the type of person who would just casually approach a girl. In the continuation of the interview, Sims admitted that many women golfers have also made the same move and slid into the DMs of their current husbands. Jena emphasizes that she's brave enough to talk about it.

"People like to just skip to judgements about that but Brooks, he’s special. He’s got no game, like, he would never come up to me in a bar! He’ll look me in my eye and be like, 'I cannot believe we’re married now and you literally slid into my DMs.

You know what, I’ve talked to a couple of other girls - I’m not going to throw anyone under the bus - but some of the women who are married to top five, top 10 players in the world also slid into their husbands’ DMs. I’m just the only one who talks about it publicly."- Sims continued.

Jena Sims admitted that she initiated the contact

As we've already mentioned, Koepka's current wife met the great golfer at the Masters in 2015.

In 2015, Sims described how she initiated contact through direct messaging. They conversed for several months as the golf season was in full swing. Sims, being from Georgia, had access to Masters tickets through a friend. She seized the opportunity, informing Brooks of her presence and suggesting it as a chance for them to meet. Thus, she took the initiative twice.

It's evident that she had been keeping an eye on this amazing golfer for a long time, waiting for the right moment for their encounter. Sims displayed courage and didn't hesitate much before making a move that few women decided to make. It turned out to be a great move for both of them.

Jena Sims and Brooks Koepka
Jena Sims and Brooks Koepka© Stuart Franklin/Getty Images Sport

During the tournament play, on the Thursday round, Sims was in attendance. Koepka spotted her amidst the crowd between holes seven and eight. He then reached over the ropes to embrace her. The spectators around them were taken aback, marveling at the interruption of tournament play for their meeting.  

During those moments, Koepka also demonstrated his charisma and willingness to give her attention. Despite the ongoing important tournament, Brooks was clearly focused on her and her presence.

Later that night, Sims met Koepka’s entire family, despite them not being officially together at that time. It was their first important interaction.

In May 2020, this couple celebrated their two-year anniversary and often showcased their love through Instagram. One year later, Koepka decided to propose to his long-time girlfriend. His current wife was surprised, as she didn't know that Koepka would propose on that very day.

"I was surprised. I knew it was coming, just not on that day at that exact moment."-Sims said, as quoted by People.

She appeared with Koepka at the SI Swimsuit Issue launch party in 2021, emphasizing that she didn't have to convince him for long. Through TikTok, she revealed that one must believe in their dreams. Brooks' wife disclosed that she also wanted to apply for the job at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit as a rookie. She is a person with special charisma, openness, and honesty. This is probably one of the reasons why Koepka fell for her charm. Besides, it must be acknowledged that Sims looks fantastic

"I am a firm believer in going after what you want — in fact I slid into my now husband's DMs. That's why I'm submitting for my dream job of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit rookie. Helping people and spreading joy really is my passion and I know that together we can create even more positive impact on the world."- Sims said.

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