Nelly Korda and Allisen Corpuz React to Lexi Thompson's Retirement

"I think she does an amazing job for the Tour. She spends so much time going to each Pro-Am party."- Korda said.

by Sead Dedovic
Nelly Korda and Allisen Corpuz React to Lexi Thompson's Retirement
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Lexi Thompson's retirement has caused a big shock in the golf scene, considering this golfer is only 29 years old. Thompson confirmed yesterday that she will end her career after the season and focus on other things. Thompson will compete in her 18th consecutive US Women's Open this week, making her debut at the age of 12, which speaks volumes about her presence on the big stage. 

Currently, the main star of women's golf, Nelly Korda, reacted to Thompson's decision. Korda had nothing but praise for Lexi, and the two of them shared many common memories.

"I honestly heard probably 15 minutes ago that she's retiring. She's had such an amazing career, I think. I've gotten to be on the team with her a couple times representing our country," -Nelly Korda said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

From the beginning of her career, Thompson has been dedicated to making a great career. However, when you play at the top level for years, it's natural to feel a sense of fatigue from travel, tournaments, training, and everything that comes with the life of a professional. Korda is saddened that she won't have the chance to play with Thompson in major tournaments, but she still emphasized how great Lexi's career has been and wished her all the best in the future.

"I think she does an amazing job for the Tour. She spends so much time going to each Pro-Am party. She really dedicated her time to growing the game.

It's sad to see that she's obviously leaving and not going to be out here with us anymore, but she's had an amazing career, and I wish her the best in this new chapter of her life."- Korda continued.

Allisen Corpuz reacts

Allisen Corpuz, a 26-year-old American, also reacted to Lexi Thompson's retirement. Corpuz has been following Thompson's career since she was a little girl and admiring her game.

She acknowledged looking up to Thompson while growing up and praised her for her contributions to the growth of women's golf. Corpuz highlighted Thompson's presence at Pro-Am parties, where she spent time interacting with fans and partners, emphasizing her impact both on and off the course.  Thompson has always been someone who respected fans and paid attention to them. That's one of the reasons why many fans of this sport love her. Corpuz, along with other golfers, recognized how much Lexi has influenced the promotion of women's golf and how important she has been for this sport.

Allisen Corpuz
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Corpuz mentioned Thompson's inspirational role in the sport and wished her the best in her future endeavors. Additionally, Corpuz stressed the importance of continuing to promote and elevate the women's side of golf, acknowledging the efforts of past generations in paving the way for players like herself.

The 26-year-old also intends to influence the promotion of women's golf and potentially spark the interest of some girls who identify with a particular sport. Inspiring a girl to play this sport is a notable achievement, and we believe that Thompson and Corpuz have influenced many girls to love this sport.

Lexi Thompson explains her reasons for retirement

Fans of this sport were eager to hear the reasons why 29-year-old Lexi Thompson decided to say goodbye. Thompson, in a media interview several hours later, revealed the motives for ending her career. The fact that she has been part of this sport since 2007 is a significant factor in her decision. Lexi has become tired, emphasizing that many don't know what the life of an athlete entails. 

There are many sacrifices if you want to build a great career like Thompson's. 

Lexi Thompson
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The popular golfer stressed that she has always done her job with love and passion. While she strived for perfection, she highlighted that nobody is perfect, and ultimately, we are all human. The most important thing for her is that she has had support from loved ones since the beginning of her career, without which she would have found it difficult to achieve the successes she has. 

Ultimately, the 29-year-old believes that golf fans view things from one perspective, not knowing what you have to go through to become a star. In her words, it is evident that Thompson is tired of everything that golf has brought with it, but still happy with the career she has built.

Lexi is excited about the future, ready to see what life has in store for her next. It's certain that she has many plans in mind that she wants to fulfill, and we'll see in which direction this popular golfer wants to go. We wish her luck, no matter what.

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