Mackenzie Hughes: The fans are just tired of hearing about the money

Mackenzie Hughes is disappointed as there is much talk about money in the world of golf.

by Sead Dedovic
Mackenzie Hughes: The fans are just tired of hearing about the money
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Since the emergence of LIV Golf on the big stage, there has been an increasing emphasis on money in the world of golf. Fans of this sport have become increasingly interested in such data upon learning about the figures that golfers in LIV Golf receive. LIV Golf is a Tour of massive financial power, and the money they have given to players to join is truly incredible. 

However, for some, money has not been the main motivation for playing this sport, and they have instead chosen to respect tradition and stay with the PGA Tour. Canadian golfer Mackenzie Hughes is disappointed as there is much talk about money in the world of golf. He believes that fans are tired of hearing the same stories week after week.

"I think one of the biggest things I think about is the fan and how the fan has been affected by all this. The fans are just tired of hearing about it, tired of hearing about the money. I don't think the money that's going around is sustainable for golf."- Mackenzie Hughes said, as quoted by Golf Monthly.

The 33-year-old Canadian fondly remembers the era before the arrival of LIV Golf, considering it a great era of golf. Currently, in an atmosphere where money takes the lead and where money is constantly mentioned, Mackenzie is not happy.

"I would love for the game to kind of come back a little bit where it's like we're just, we're talking about the golf now, we're not talking about LIV, we're not talking about the money and these purses and all that sort of stuff."- he continued.

Mackenzie Hughes: I feel like we're shoving it down people's throats

This popular golfer stresses that fans are not interested in such things, considering them tired of constant discussions about mergers, money, changes, and much more. Judging by the reactions of fans, many are in favor of the merger, believing it to be the only option for a brighter future for golf. LIV Golf is a Tour that cannot simply disappear, and if they continue to operate as two separate entities, PGA Tour and LIV Golf could face even bigger problems. Fan dissatisfaction would especially create problems for both sides.

"Because people don't care. People don't want to hear it. I've said this many times to, you know, the media, the Tour, I mean, it just, we just, we want to, like, I feel like we're shoving it down people's throats."- Mackenzie said.

Mackenzie Hughes
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Mackenzie emphasizes the importanceof the RBC Canadian Open for him, highlighting its importance over the tournament scheduled for the following week, despite the latter's substantial prize money. He expresses that his focus is on winning the trophy, regardless of the financial value attached to it. To him, the priority is to perform well and appear victorious in this tournament, regardless of the financial rewards involved.

The fact that he has remained part of the PGA Tour speaks volumes about him as a golfer who respects tradition and history rather than the money they could offer him.

Hughes suggests that the current state of the game is not particularly healthy due to the priorities being emphasized. He mentions conversations with RBC representatives, the title sponsor of the current week's tournament, indicating a shift in focus from charity contributions. 

Previously, charity donations were a significant aspect of the Tour's activities, viewed as a badge of honor. However, Hughes feels that this priority has diminished over time. He expresses a desire to see charity work regain its importance within the Tour, emphasizing the positive impact it can have on the communities where tournaments are held.

The 33-year-old golfer is particularly focused on this aspect, believing that golf as a sport must promote helping others and be based on that.

Mackenzie Hughes on Grayson Murray's death: I always felt he had a good heart

The death of Grayson Murray shocked everyone, including Hughes. He reacted to the death of the 30-year-old golfer via social media. Mackenzie emphasized that Grayson was a kind soul who openly spoke about his mental health issues.

Grayson Murray
Grayson Murray© Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport

Although it seemed that Murray was recovering and that brighter days were ahead for him, unfortunately, Murray decided to take his own life.

"So unbelievably sad and shocking to hear about Grayson. I think he was a little misunderstood and was open about the battles he had faced, but I always felt he had a good heart. And it seemed like he was writing a new chapter in his life. Sending love to those closest to him ."-Mackenzie Hughes wrote on social media.

Mackenzie Hughes