PGA Tour Pro Robert MacIntyre's Dad Adds Humor to Canadian Open as Emergency Caddie

"He's a good golfer himself, but this kind of level, he's a bit out of his depth."

by Sead Dedovic
PGA Tour Pro Robert MacIntyre's Dad Adds Humor to Canadian Open as Emergency Caddie
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PGA Tour rookie Robert MacIntyre is trying to find his way on the big stage, aware that a tough task awaits him. The 27-year-old Scot entered the RBC Canadian Open with serious intentions, hoping to produce a positive result. MacIntyre finds himself in an interesting period of his life, where many things are still new to him. 

This talented golfer called his father via phone and asked him to be his caddy. His father didn't hesitate for long and arrived on Sunday morning, covering a distance of 3,500 miles. His father can be particularly happy after the first round, as the Scot finished the day with a bogey-free six-under 70, securing him fourth place. 

MacIntyre, in a media interview, reflected on the changes, stating that he is in a transition process. He admitted that he had to call his father, who nevertheless handled the role remarkably well, considering it's not easy to have such a role at this level. The Scot is pleased with the chemistry between him and his father, especially because of the score after the first day.

"I'm going in transition between caddies," he said, as reported by Golf Magic.

"I'm trying to work it all out. Yeah, it was an emergency phone call on Saturday, and he stepped up to the plate. He's a good golfer himself, but this kind of level, he's a bit out of his depth. 

I thought he did a great job and kept it so simple. The numbers are what they are. Go and add a good shot to that number, and the results should be half decent."

Robert MacIntyre on his PGA Tour career era and challenges

The 27-year-old Scot reflected on the challenges of the PGA Tour, aware that this time around it's significantly tougher than the path he previously trod. MacIntyre hasn't particularly impressed this season, considering the inconsistency and some flaws in his game. In a media interview, he confirmed that being part of the PGA Tour is challenging due to various factors. 

Being part of the DP World Tour, as he emphasizes, is very friendly. Judging by his statements, the atmosphere is quite more positive with a friendly spirit, while on the other hand, the PGA Tour has golfers who may see themselves and their success as the center. 

The 27-year-old points out that on the PGA Tour, many golfers avoid conversation and potentially view their colleagues as adversaries rather than friends.

“It’s been wild to be honest. It’s completely different. When you’re on the DP World Tour, it’s very friendly. Everyone is together. We’re all traveling the world. If we’re struggling with certain things, we speak to folk around us.

You come out here to the PGA Tour, and it’s all so unfamiliar There’s less chatting. There’s less dinners. There’s just less of that big family feel that you get on the European Tour."- Robert MacIntyre said, as reported by Bunkered.

Robert MacIntyre
Robert MacIntyre© Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images Sport

Despite everything, the 27-year-old is happy to have the opportunity to compete on the big stage. Only the best golfers in the world can be part of the PGA Tour, and MacIntyre obviously belongs to that group. In addition, the PGA Tour provides greater financial conditions, which is a huge advantage, especially for young golfers who are just starting to build their careers. 

Robert MacIntyre: For me, it’s all about work life balance

The Scot believes that it is necessary to find a balance in life among many things in order to feel great. Although he has had some difficulties adjusting to the new environment at times, he tries to enjoy every moment. If judging by the RBC Canadian Open and the first day, there is progress in his game. Of course, MacIntyre is aware that he will have to give his best until the last day.

“It’s a great place to play golf. It’s obviously where the best players in the world are. It’s where you can make more money.

For me, it’s all about work life balance. I’ve not quite worked that out yet over here. Obviously, I went home for three weeks there recently and felt like I came out a far happier man because it does get on top of you.

It’s a different environment for me but I’m just trying to enjoy it as much as I can and learn as much as I can, week in and week out.”-MacIntyre concluded.

It will be interesting to follow his performance in the coming days, considering the high expectations for the Scot in this tournament. We will see how the father-son combination ultimately plays out. For now, things seem to be going well.

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