Justin Rose's Incredible Revelation about the 2010 Ryder Cup: It was Chaos

"Justin Rose described receiving the call just two minutes before teeing off and learning that he hadn't been selected."

by Sead Dedovic
Justin Rose's Incredible Revelation about the 2010 Ryder Cup: It was Chaos
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Many remember the 2010 Ryder Cup held in Newport, Wales. Playing in this competition is every golfer's dream. Representing your country, or in this case, continent, is no small feat. Justin Rose is also one of those who dreamed of playing in the 2010 Ryder Cup, waiting for the call from the European captain, Colin Montgomerie, who had to choose among four golfers: Justin Rose, Paul Casey, Luke Donald, and Padraig Harrington

Let's recall, the Europeans then achieved victory on home soil, in one of the memorable editions of the Ryder Cup. 

Justin Rose revealed his disappointment after learning that he would not be competing in the Ryder Cup during an interview for The Rick Shiels Golf Show.

Justin Rose reflected on that period and the chaos that ensued when it came to selecting the golfers to represent Europe in the Ryder Cup. Four golfers were waiting for the call while competing in New York, with Golf Channel cameras closely following their movements, especially his, expecting Montgomerie's call. It's likely that Rose felt massive pressure in those moments, wondering what would happen.

"In 2010, Monty didn't pick me," Rose said, as quoted by Golf Magic.

"There was some general chaos around that particular day as well. 

There were four of us [waiting for calls] Paul Casey, Luke Donald, Padraig Harrington and myself and we were actually playing a tournament in New York at the time and I was in the second last group. 

[And] the Golf Channel camera is burning a hole in the back of my head while I'm warming up because they are literally waiting for me to pick the phone up and take the call from Monty."

Justin Rose
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Justin Rose described receiving the call just two minutes before teeing off and learning that he hadn't been selected, which left him feeling disappointed and wondering how to regain his focus for the tournament ahead. He then observed Paul Casey's situation, who was playing alongside Harrington, and witnessed the awkwardness as Harrington's wife signaled that he had been picked, leaving Casey feeling left out despite his high world ranking. 

Additionally, Luke Donald, who did receive the call, experienced a rollercoaster of emotions during his round, going out in 29 after hearing the news but struggling on the back nine. Rose highlighted the chaos and tension that surrounded the selection process, suggesting that improvements have since been made to handle such situations more effectively.

This kind of situation speaks volumes about the amount of pressure one had to carry, especially before such an important performance. Every golfer dreams of playing on the big stage and being part of the Ryder Cup. However, in many cases throughout the history of this competition, some golfers have been left feeling broke. Ultimately, it's the captain who makes the decisions based on their system of play and plans. Sometimes it's hard to accept such things, but at times they can also be a huge motivator.

Paul Casey had every right to be disappointed

Casey and Rose had every right to be disappointed, especially considering that the European team emerged victorious against the USA team. Following that, Casey shifted his priorities and decided he didn't want to be part of the Ryder Cup team, which surprised many. 

Rose continued to compete thereafter, appearing in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2021, as well as in the last edition in Rome last year. 

Paul Casey
Paul Casey© Lionel Ng/Getty Images Sport

Rose didn't give up on his goals, regardless of the decision made by the European captain at the time. It seems he had a somewhat different mindset than some of his colleagues, considering such situations as valuable lessons. Of course, it wasn't easy for Rose to accept such an outcome, but he was aware that future editions were a chance for him to play again. 

The only thing left for him was to elevate his game and try to earn a spot on the team again. 

His intentions surely include becoming captain in the future, but we'll see if the Englishman succeeds in that. It would certainly be a great achievement for him and the European team.

The next edition of the Ryder Cup will take place at Bethpage Black in New York in 2024. Considering the defeat of the US team in the previous edition, their intentions this time are to demonstrate their strength to the Europeans. Being the host of this competition is a huge advantage, so many consider the US team as favorites for the next edition. There are many quality players in their team, but the Europeans also possess a strong squad.

A fantastic atmosphere and a tournament where we'll see plenty of excitement and great plays are expected.

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