Golf Legend Not Convinced Division Issue Will Be Easily Resolved

"I think putting pieces back together, putting humpty dumpty back on the wall, it’s going to be pretty tough."

by Sead Dedovic
Golf Legend Not Convinced Division Issue Will Be Easily Resolved
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Mark Brooks, once a star of the golf scene, like many, is not happy with the current situation in the world of golf. It's been two years since LIV emerged, and chaos and dissatisfaction are growing day by day. Although several quality golfers have become part of LIV Golf, a promising Tour, fans are mostly unhappy with the emergence of LIV Golf, a Tour supported by Saudi Arabia. 

There is immense concern that divisions in the golf world will only grow larger, despite merger talks having been ongoing for a year now. Judging by the reactions, there is less and less optimism that the PGA Tour and LIV Golf can indeed reach an agreement. Brooks, who left a mark as a golfer, has given his view of the current situation. He sees this as a challenging situation, where it's very difficult to put the pieces back together. There must be openness from both sides for such a thing to happen.

“I do think it’s absolutely chaos. I think putting pieces back together, putting humpty dumpty back on the wall, it’s going to be pretty tough. Guys don’t want to come back. They don’t have a desire to come back.”- Brook said, as quoted by MIRROR.

Many PGA Tour players have left the Tour where they made a name for themselves. Regardless of the opportunity they were given and the prestige of this Tour, individuals have chosen money as the primary motive. LIV Golf holds considerable financial power and knows how to attract golfers to compete for them. One thing is certain: we no longer have some of the prominent names at the Majors, and even on PGA Tours, we're missing some of the stars of this Tour. 

Opinions vary: While some believe that the quality of the PGA Tour has significantly declined, many think that the quality remains the same and that this is an excellent opportunity for new names to rise to the top. Mark Brooks seems to share this opinion. 

An experienced figure in the golf scene, he stresses that this will be a chance for some to achieve success and become recognizable faces. Additionally, young golfers could receive greater opportunities and much earlier chances to compete in major tournaments.

“Some of these events are, let’s just call it, top 70 shallow. Below that they’re heavy. They’re not going into, you know, past champions like me. I’m not showing up on the eligibility list, they’re not going that kind of deep. But probably 15 events this year will be very light in terms of the top 70 and you go, 'Well, does that mean anything?' Absolutely it means something. Are you kidding me? If I take 62 out of the top 70 out of a field, do I have a better shot of winning? You’re damn right I do.”- he continued.

Mark Brooks: I’ve always been in the corner of the players

Last year, Brooks also expressed his stance on the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, not favoring either side. He appears neutral in this story, but what's most important to him is that golfers have a voice.

Brooks expressed his stance as being a pro-player. Throughout his career, he consistently supported the players' interests. He observed that amidst the discussions and debates, there was a lot of conflict and self-preservation happening among various parties involved. However, he felt that the voices of the players themselves might not have been adequately considered in the midst of these discussions and turf battles.

Mark Brooks (1996)
Mark Brooks (1996)© J.D. Cuban / Getty Images Sport

He doesn't seem particularly happy with the PGA Tour's policy that has been in place for years, believing that the aim of it all was to prevent the emergence of a new entity on the golf scene. However, LIV Golf has emerged, and it seems that Brooks expected such an outcome earlier. LIV Golf has changed plans for many, as the departure of big stars from the PGA Tour was a massive blow. 

The leaders of LIV Golf have emphasized that they intend to introduce innovations and make changes to the golf scene. They have partially succeeded in doing so, although fans, especially the older ones, believe that sometimes too much innovation is not good for golf. Nevertheless, LIV's leaders intend to offer something completely different in the future and attract a younger audience.

“Look, the Tour has always been pretty heavy-handed in a lot of ways. They kept the schedule really full from January through November for the last 45 or 50 years, even knowing they’d lose to the NFL and college football each fall, just to make sure another entity didn’t come in and form a seasonal tour,” he said. “They didn’t want anyone else swooping in.”- he said.